Virus Removal

Viruses and spyware can cause serious problems and compromise the integrity of the campus network. Although many users are aware of the risk posed by viruses, adware, spyware, and peer-to-peer programs, they do not take the necessary steps to protect their computers.

Each year, the Technology Help Desk removes virus or spyware infections from hundreds of computers. Many of these removals take hours or days. During this time, users are without their computers.

Because of this and resource constraints, the Help Desk cannot manually remove each infection. The user must take responsibility for the care and maintenance of their computer.

Basic virus removal instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Help Desk cannot guarantee that any machine will function normally after the computer has been cleaned and cannot be held liable for the loss of data or integrity of operating system.

For Luther-owned Workstations

The Help Desk will attempt basic steps to remove the infection. These include:

  • Sophos Anti-Virus Scan
  • Anti-Spyware Scan

If the infection is not cleaned, the Help Desk may take the computer to User Systems for re-imaging. The data will be backed up and a temporary computer may be loaned.

For Personal Computers

The Help Desk will provide basic instructions and tools for the computer owner to remove an infection from their computer. Staff can also provide some advice. After the virus is removed, the Help Desk staff will assist in securing the computer against future infections.

Users should follow the Virus Removal Steps found at the bottom of this page before contacting the Help Desk for assistance.

This is not a drop off service. You must remain with your computer while the Help Desk assists you. Help Desk staff will not work on computers left without the owner present.

Should the Help Desk be asked to remove the virus, the user will be required to sign a liability waiver before any work is performed.

Service Availability

Virus Removal is available to Students, Faculty, and Staff of Luther College.

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