Transitioning Digital Services for Graduating Seniors

Not a graduating senior? Becoming an employee? You might want a different page.

After Graduation, you’ll have access to different services than you did as a student. You’ll want to do a few things during that transition to make sure you have what you need once you leave Luther. We value our graduates and want to help you through that transition and stay connected afterwards.

What services are offered to Alumni?

What services do I lose when I graduate?

  • Norse Apps (e.g. Google Email, Docs, etc.)
  • Norse Hub
  • Microsoft Office 365 for Education
  • LinkedIn Learning

What do I need to do?

When does my access change?

Most access changes within a few weeks of graduation, but Norse Apps is on a different schedule: You’ll be able to access Norse Apps until December of your class year. For example, the Class of 2022 loses access on December 1, 2022. The date is the same for all graduates within a given academic year, regardless of whether they were Fall, J-Term, Spring, or Summer Session graduates.