Guide to Transitioning Norse Apps accounts for Class of 2018 and earlier

Did you graduate or plan to graduate after spring 2019? Are you an employee? You might want a different page.

Migrating from one account to another can be intimidating: This guide can help!

Keep in mind that accounts are email-only accounts and do not include drive storage space. We can guide you through finding out what your account storage is, deleting large or unwanted content, and deciding what you need to keep on our Be a Good Steward website.

Make an archive with Google Takeout

Google Takeout creates an archive of most of your Google content. Takeout is a great first step, even if you’re moving your email to an account.

Using Takeout is straightforward, and we recommend the default settings: Takeout will put everything it can into a .zip file and send you an email with a download link The most popular services like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts can all be included in the export.

There are some drawbacks: Not all services are included (e.g. Google Sites, YouTube uploads), and some kinds of data are simply archival and not meant to be uploaded into another account (e.g. email).

If you need to migrate a working copy of your email into another account or use a service that isn’t included in your Takeout export, consult the appropriate section below.

Unlink account

Visit any sites that are associated with your account and associate them with a new email address. Examples are social media, banking, shopping, and other sites. If you can’t remember which sites use your account, try searching for automated emails with phrases like “verify”, “noreply”, or “receipt”. You can also use Google's Security Checkup tool to find third-party services to which you've granted access.

Transfer Email

Note: If you requested an account, you can skip this section because we’re transitioning your email and contacts for you.

Takeout only creates an archive of your email: it doesn’t actually move those emails to another account. If you need to transfer emails to another account, we recommend either forwarding individual emails or transferring all emails using the POP3 import feature in your non-Luther account.

Most major email providers support transfer with POP3, and you can follow our video guide if you’re moving to another Google account. If you use this method, all your old email will transfer, as well as any new email that arrives in your until December 1, 2022. Transferred email doesn’t retain any organizational labels you might have used in your account. POP3 does require some specific technical information: you’ll probably be prompted for POP server (, a port (995), and a special password that you’ll use in place of your normal password.

Migrate Google Sites

New Google Sites cannot be downloaded using Google Takeout at this time. Fortunately, you can manually migrate your Luther site to your consumer account. Learn how to transfer site ownership. Remember to give the new link to anyone with the old published site.

Migrate YouTube uploads

YouTube videos can be decoupled from your Norse Apps account by placing them in a special shared-ownership channel called a Brand Account. A Brand Account allows you to manage your YouTube content from a non-Luther Google account. After you give ownership of the Brand Account to your non-Luther Google account, the videos will be protected when your Norse Apps account is deactivated. Views, video links, and other YouTube content stays intact. Learn how to create and move content to a Brand Account and how to change the ownership of the account.