Stolen Computer Procedures

Luther College is a friendly and helpful place with a wonderful community. On rare occasion, however, computers and equipment can be stolen. Mobile devices such as laptops, phones, or iPods are especially vulnerable due to their portability and ease of concealment.

Should you have something stolen, report it to Security as soon as possible and fill out an incident report. Neither Security nor ITS can act until a report has been filed. Security will then contact ITS.

ITS Steps

ITS requires the following information:

  • Name
  • Date/Time of Theft
  • Type of Computer
  • MAC Address of Wired and/or Wireless Cards
    • This information can be gathered through Campus Manager if the computer is registered on the Luther network.

The ticket will then be passed to Network Systems. They will place a ‘trap’ on the network to alert them the next time the MAC Address is seen active on the network.

If an individual’s computer is stolen, it is strongly recommended that individual change their Norse Key ASAP through along with any other passwords for websites or systems.

More information on Missing Equipment policies can be found at Missing and Vandalized Luther Owned Equipment.

Preventative Measures

  • Common Sense: Do not leave equipment unattended and out in the open. This includes places such as the Library, Marty’s, or even a cluster. Place it in a drawer, closet, backpack, or ask someone to watch it for you.
  • Records: Record the Make, Model, and Serial Number of your computer and any other devices and store it someplace safe (i.e. – not on the computer).
  • Be Aware: Even in well populated areas, it’s possible for someone to pick up a laptop and carry it away without anyone seeing.
  • Use a Locker: Some buildings on campus have lockers available to store equipment. This is safer than just leaving it in the hall or on a table.
  • Cable Locks: Cable locks (readily available from most stores) are an easy and quick way to secure a laptop to a table or desk.

Theft Prevention Software

Android Phones: Find My Droid (Free), Lookout Mobile Security (Free)

iPods/iPads/iPhones: Find My iPhone (Free, Works w/iPhones, iPad, and 4th Gen iPods)