Norse Hub

Norse Hub is a secure portal for academics, financials, and more. Students, employees, parents, guardians, and guests all use Norse Hub.

Logging in

Norse Hub uses different login methods depending who you are:

  • Students and employees can log in using their Norse Key and Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Parents, guardians, and proxies are given a user name and password when a student first grants them access.
  • Guests and Alumni use a separate login that doesn't need credentials.

If you need helping accessing Norse Hub for any reason, contact the Technology Help Desk.


All users

  • Search for courses and filter offerings based on availability


  • Plan, schedule, and register for courses
  • View outstanding requirements for majors/minors
  • View and send a note to your advisor
  • View financial aid awards and outstanding documents needed for those awards
  • Make a payment and view your statement of account
  • View and consent to agreements required for registration
  • Upload requested documents
  • View tax documents
  • Grant access to parent or other proxy
  • Enter banking information for payments and refunds
  • Enter emergency or missing person contact information


  • View tax information and earnings statements (previously called pay advice)
  • Enter time and see remaining leave (i.e. paid time off)
  • View position history (positions held in the past)
  • View stipend history
  • View current benefits
  • Upload requested documents
  • Enter emergency and missing person contact information

Budget managers can view the Financial Management section which lets them query their financial data.

Faculty advisors

  • View advisee's academic plan and progress towards majors/minors
  • View grades, unofficial transcripts, and waivers
  • Grant course prerequisite waiver for a student in your class

Parents, Guardians, and Proxies

Students can grant proxy access to parents, guardians, and other designated individuals. Students decide what specific permissions are granted—Proxies can potentially have visibility into the student's financial and/or academic records and the ability to perform certain actions like make payments on the student's account. Parents, guardians, and proxies are sent login credentials when a student first grants access. Contact the Technology Help Desk if you've forgotten your username or password.


Q: How do I get to Norse Hub?
A. The address is We recommend making a bookmark if you need to use the site regularly.

Q: What should I do if I can’t log in?
A. Current Students, Faculty and, Staff login to Norse Hub using their Norse Key and Multi-Factor Authentication. Parents, Guardians, and Proxies receive login credentials when a student first grants them access. If you can’t log in, your password might be expired or there might be other problems with your account, and you should contact the Technology Help Desk.

Q. I’m having trouble with my timesheet or PTO. Any suggestions?
The timesheet screen autosaves when you exit a field. Make sure that the record has saved before you submit, or click the “Save” button if you’re not sure. You can learn more about PTO and time entry on Human Resources’s Paid Time Off Policy page, including guides for time entry.

Q: How do my high school language courses display as completed requirements in the foreign language section on My Progress?
A: Non-course equivalencies that have no credits and no grades display as a Noncourse Equivalency in the foreign language section on My Progress screen.

Q: How do I see the coming term on Plan and Schedule?
A: The next term will not appear on your plan and schedule view until you add the first class. To add a class, search for the course you wish to add and choose 'Add Section to Schedule'.

Q: What is the difference between ‘Progress’ and ‘Total Credits’ on the graphic progress bars on My Progress?

A: ‘Progress’ represents the number of requirements that the student has completed, out of the total number of requirements needed to complete the program. ‘Total Credits’ represents the number of credits that the student has planned, in-progress, and completed, out of the total number of credits required for the program.

Q: Why does Norse Hub open in my mail client when I try to email my advisees? How do I change my default email application to Norse Mail?
A: Norse Hub uses the default email application for your browser. You can change your default email application for each browser type by following these steps: