Norse Hub

NorseHub is a new web application, currently only available to students, faculty, and staff, that will progressively replace Login using your Norse Key.

Norse Hub and my.luther will co-exist until all features are developed in Norse Hub. Currently, there are two major modules in Norse Hub: The Student Planning module allows students and advisors to plan, schedule, and register for classes, as well as view grades for past terms and request a transcript. Faculty can also grant a course prerequisite waiver using Norse Hub. The Financial Aid Self-Service module allows students to view required documents, financial aid awards, and their financial aid award letter.


Q: Why do students with music majors or minors need to use my.luther for their program evaluation?
A: The music major has a complex set of requirements that are not logically able to be evaluated in Norse Hub. This is an issue that our software provider is working to resolve. Students with a music major or minor should use my.luther’s Program Evaluation to view their music requirements.

Q: Why don’t my high school language courses display as completed requirements in the foreign language section on My Progress?
A: Non-course equivalencies that have no credits and no grades do not show up as they should under their requirements. Instead they show up as completed under Other Courses at the bottom of the My Progress screen. This is an issue that our software provider is working to resolve. Use my.luther’s Program Evaluation to view completed language requirements.

Q: Why does Norse Hub open Microsoft Outlook when I try to email my advisees? How do I change my default email application to Norse Mail?
A: Norse Hub uses the default email application on your workstation. You can change your default email application for each browser type by following these steps: