KATIE is a website that many instructors use to distribute coursework, accept assignments, track grades, and more. Students and Instructors both log in with their Norse Key at katie.luther.edu.


Some of your classes at Luther College will use KATIE for things like sharing syllabi and documents, providing electronic assignment submissions, administering quizzes, facilitating discussions, and more. Some classes may not use KATIE at all.

When you login to KATIE, use the drop down menu in the top left of the Course overview block to filter your classes to Future, In progress, or Past. If you are looking for your class and don’t find it, your instructor may not have made it visible.

KATIE grades aren't official and not all instructors use them—official grades are only available after a class has finished on Norse Hub.

If you'd like help using KATIE, contact the Technology Help Desk.


KATIE has many tools for instructors to share content, conduct assessments, organize grades, and more. CELT has training materials, including a quick start guide. You can also request one-on-one training by contacting the Technology Help Desk.