Virtual Intranet Access VPN

Virtual Intranet Access is a VPN tunnel that allows a remote computer to access the Luther College Network just as if it were directly connected to the Luther LAN.

The tunnel connection is made using a piece of software known as the Virtual Intranet Access client. All communication between the remote computer and the Luther LAN sent over this tunnel is encrypted.

All Luther College faculty and staff are allowed to make Virtual Intranet Access tunnel connections from their Luther-owned laptop to the Luther College network. Employees cannot make VPN tunnel connections from their personally-owned computers in order to keep confidential information on college systems and because malware on personal devices could affect Luther systems.

Note: Once installed, search for "Virtual" on your computer to locate the "Virtual Intranet Access" software.


The Virtual Intranet Access client is installed by request on Luther College faculty and staff computers. 

Request Client Installation

1. To request installation of the Virtual Intranet Access Client, open your web browser and visit from your Luther workstation and log in using your Norse Key.

2. Once logged in, choose "Downloads" from the menu on the left side of the screen.

3. Now choose either "Virtual Intranet Access (Windows)" or "Virtual Intranet Access (MacOS)".

4. Ensure that your computer's workstation number is chosen under the "Device to install software on:" section, and then click "Request for Approval".

It may take 24 to 48 hours to grant access. Once you receive an email notifying you that your access has been approved, you can return to this screen to initiate installation of the software on your computer. In the future, if you need to install the software on a new computer, your approval will still be active and you'll be able to immediately request the install.

Initial Client Setup

1. Start setup by clicking on the Virtual Intranet Access icon. If you have trouble finding it, search for "Virtual Intranet Access".

VIA VPN icon

2. At the prompt for “Download VPN Profile”, enter

VPN server prompt

3. Next, log in using your Norse Key username and password. (Note: do not include "" after your username).

VIA VPN login prompt

Creating a VPN Connection

1. Click on the Virtual Intranet Access icon on your taskbar.

VIA VPN in taskbar

2. Click the center button to toggle the VPN.

VIA VPN when not running

3. Green means you’re connected.

VIA VPN when connected

Running Programs

Once the tunnel session is established, the remote computer can access the Luther College Network just as if it were directly connected to our LAN. You can run any program on your computer in the same fashion you run them from your office.

While you are running the Virtual Intranet Access client, you are using the connection to the Internet made through your service provider.

Logging Out

1. When you are finished, first exit all applications that are running through the VPN Tunnel.

2. Right Click on the Virtual Intranet Access icon on your Windows taskbar.

(Images of use of the VIA VPN client))
(Images of use of the VIA VPN client))" rows="8" cols="80">

3. Click Disconnect.