VPNweb allows you to access campus-only webpages while off campus. Before you use this service for the first time, contact the Technology Help Desk to be authorized.

If you need to access network shares, do a significant amount of work, or use applications that only work on campus, then you should use Virtual Intranet Access VPN or Citrix instead.

Using VPNweb

Quick start

After logging in, in the "Connection Tool" box, choose "HTTP/HTTPS" as the connection "Type" and enter a web address in the "Host" field (e.g. Colleague.luther.edu). Click "Go".

Creating Bookmarks

After logging in, in the "My bookmarks" box, choose "Add"  and enter these values on the next screen:

Name: Give the link a descriptive name (e.g. “Colleague”).


Location: A web address (e.g. colleague.luther.edu)