Virtual Intranet Access VPN

The Aruba Virtual Intranet Access VPN (ViaVPN) software allows an off-campus Luther workstation to access the Luther College Network just as if it were on campus through an encrypted “tunnel” connection. ViaVPN is the best way for employees to access on-campus services while working remotely. Employees cannot make VPN tunnel connections from their personally-owned computers in order to keep confidential information on college systems and because malware on personal devices could affect Luther systems.

Requesting access

In order to use ViaVPN, employees need to be authorized and have the software on their computer, both of which can be accomplished through a request process. To get started, request a download for either Windows or Mac. All Luther College faculty and staff can request ViaVPN authorization and installation.


Within 48 hours of when you request access, you’ll get an email with a link to our download page. On the download page, before you click “Run now”, make sure that the “Device to install software on” field lists the right workstation. Within a few minutes of requesting the download, you’ll see an orange pop-up window appear on your workstation that asks you to confirm the install. If you don’t see this pop-up, it’s possible that you already have the software installed.

Finding the Application

Aruba ViaVPN logo
Aruba ViaVPN logo

Find and run the application after it is installed by searching for “Virtual Intranet Access” or “Aruba VIA”. On Windows computers, you can also find it in the Windows/Start Menu, and on Macs, it will be in the Applications folder. You’ll probably want to make yourself a shortcut by pinning the application to your taskbar or doc.

Initial Setup

The first time you run the application, you’ll need to do a little setup.

First, you’ll be prompted to enter a server so that the application can download the VPN profile. Enter

Next, you’ll be prompted for credentials. Enter your Norse Key username and password without the “”.

Creating a VPN Connection

Successfully connected to VPN tunnel
Successfully connected to VPN tunnel

After you’ve set up the application, you can make a VPN connection. If the application is already running, you should see the application’s icon near the system’s clock—On Windows, that’s in your taskbar at the lower right, and on Mac, that’s in the menubar in the upper right. If the application isn’t running yet, find it and start it by searching for “Virtual Intranet Access” or “Aruba VIA”.

Once you’ve found the application icon, click it (or right click on Windows) and choose “Connect”. After a few seconds, the icon will turn green. Congratulations! You’ve made your first VPN connection. When you’re done, choose “Disconnect” from the same menu to close your VPN connection.