Telephones & Voice Mail

Telephones are provided to every employee of Luther College. Faculty and staff phone numbers begin with (563) 387-xxxx.

Individual residence hall rooms do not have telephones. Students may request a residence hall room phone and a private phone number. Residence hall room phone numbers begin with 382-xxxx. Student private phone numbers begin with (563) 387-xxxx.

Calls On Campus: Dial the 4 digit extension (ex: 1000, 1111, etc)
Calls Off Campus within Decorah calling area: Dial 9 and then proceed with the number.
Calls outside the Decorah calling area: Dial 9+1 then proceed with the number.

Student Phones: Students may request a telephone and telephone number for their residence hall room which will allow for incoming and local outgoing calls. Students may also request an individual phone number. Complete the form at Students with individual phone numbers or a residence hall phone who move during the academic year should contact the Technology Help Desk to retain their phone and phone number. Assignments are made on a year-to-year basis.

Voice Mail: Voice mail is provided to every Faculty and Staff member. Beginning Fall 2010, voice mail is also available to students upon request by completing the form at

Instructional Manual: Instructional manuals provide detailed information and directions on adjusting settings on colleges provided phones. Please select the corresponding phone model for the instructional manual.
Instruction Manual for Cortelco 2211
Instruction Manual for Cortelco 8780

Long Distance Codes : Long distance codes are available to faculty and staff. Contact the Technology Help Desk for more information. Other means of calling long distance can be done through calling cards or cell phones. Most cellular providers do have service in the Decorah area, though we encourage you to check coverage maps.

Long Distance Telephone Billing: Effective May 1, 2010, all faculty and staff long distance telephone bills will be sent to individual users electronically. This will reduce paper consumption, labor hours, and the per minute cost of long distance phone calls. Previously assigned personnel in each department will receive a roll-up of all individual bills. This new delivery format does not change the way long distance billing is processed, the only change is that hard copies will no longer be distributed. Current authorization codes will not change. The electronic bill with the attached report.doc will be titled “Long Distance Telephone Bill” and will be distributed on the first of each month.

Conference Calls: The majority of conference rooms on campus have speaker phones installed. Contact the Technology Help Desk if additional equipment, such as Poly Com speaker phones which can be used for larger group conference calls, is required.

Desktop Messaging: CallPilot Desktop Messaging is available to faculty and staff and provides the ability to access voicemail messages through email or a web interface. For more information, see CallPilot Desktop Messaging Training.


Service Availability

Telephones and Voice Mail are available to Students, Faculty, and Staff of Luther College.

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