Call Pilot (VMX) Instructions

Call Pilot is the name used for the Luther College Voice Mail system.

Voice Mail : Voice mail is provided to every Faculty and Staff.

How to get Help

Call Pilot gives voice prompts to guide you through what you are doing – just stay on the line and it will eventually tell you what response it expects.
You can press * for context sensitive help at any time while you are logged into your mailbox.

Setting up Call Pilot & Logging in for the First Time

(Experience has shown that users are more successful in doing this if they read through this section of the directions and make sure they understand before beginning.)

  • When you are asked for mailbox by Call Pilot, respond with your 4 digit extension number.
  • Your password is not a word, but a series of numbers. In Call Pilot, you have a temporary password(assigned by System Administrator) and are required to change it to a password of your choosing the first time you log in.
  • Call Pilot uses the term number sign rather than pound sign for #.

Before you begin, think of a series of numbers you would like to use for your password and write it down. The password must be a minimum of 5 digits. (If the system thinks the one you choose is not secure it will tell you. For example, we know that 11111 and 12345 are not acceptable.)

Once you have chosen your password and found your temporary password, do the following:

  • Dial 1601.
  • You will hear mailbox? Put in your extension number, followed by #.
  • You will hear password? Put in your temporary password (written above), followed by #.
  • Then follow the directions as prompted. When you are asked for old password, use the same temporary one you just used.
  • New Password is the one you chose yourself using the above paragraph.
  • If you get rattled, just hang up and try again.

Recording Greetings

You can record external and internal greetings. Callers from off campus will hear your external greeting while callers on-campus will hear your internal greeting. If you don’t record an internal greeting all callers will hear your external greeting.

To record your greeting:

  1. Log in to your mailbox and then press 82.
  2. Press 1 for external greeting; 2 for internal greeting.
  3. Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone. Then record your greeting.

To play, delete or rerecord your greeting:

  1. To play your greeting, press 2.
  2. To delete your greeting, press 76.
  3. To rerecord your greeting press 5, record your new greeting, and then press #.

Logging in to Check Messages

  • Dial 1601.
  • Follow the prompts, remembering that your mailbox is your 4 digit extension.
  • Follow the directions to listen to your messages and manage them.
  • While you are listening to messages:
    • To delete the message at any time, press 76.
    • To go to the next message, press 6. This saves the message current message.
    • To go to the previous message, press 4.
    • To skip back five seconds in the message, press 1.
    • To skip forward five seconds in the message, press 3.
    • To speed up the message playback, press 23 (You may increase the speed up to three times).
    • To slow it down again, press 21.
    • To pause, press #p
    • To continue, press 2.

Express Messaging

Express Messaging is a feature of Call Pilot. It allows you to send a voicemail message to another person without logging into your own mailbox. The other person’s telephone does not ring.

  • Dial 6599.
  • Follow the directions and enter the 4 digit extension of the person you are calling, plus the number sign (#).
  • Leave your message.

Call Forwarding

To forward all of your calls to another number, from your office phone:

  • If you have a digital phone (Nortel style), press the “Forward” button and enter the forward number. To remove it, press the “Cancel” button.
  • If you have an analog phone (Cortelco style), press #1, enter the forward number, and hang up. To remove it, press #1 and hang up.
    Note that the forward number to enter is the same as if you were dialing that number from your office phone, i.e. 9-387-xxxx for a local number and 9-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx for a long distance number.
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