Call Pilot - Re-Enables, Resets, and Rebuilds

How to re-enable, reset, or rebuild a Call Pilot voice mailbox.


Users get three attempts to log into their Voice Mail box. If they enter the incorrect password three times, their login becomes ‘disabled’. To fix, the login must be ‘re-enabled’.

  1. Enter a ticket for the type of ‘Call Pilot’.
  2. Ask that the user be re-enabled.


When a user has forgotten their password, a new one must be set.

  1. Enter a ticket for the type of ‘Call Pilot’.
  2. State that the password must be reset.
  3. The user will be emailed the new password and instructions for how to login.
  4. All messages and greetings will remain intact.

Delete and Rebuild

When a user has forgotten their password numerous times, it becomes more difficult to reset their password. Deleting and rebuilding the account resolves this. This also deletes all saved messages and greetings.

This is normally done when Faculty and Staff depart and the phone number is to be reused for another person.

  1. Enter a ticket for the type of ‘Call Pilot’
  2. Explain the situation

Sample Email Sent To Users

Your voicemail has been deleted and rebuilt, defaulting the password back to 55xxxx (xxxx being the user’s extension). Here is what you do now.

  1. Chose a new password.
  2. Dial 1601
  3. Dial your extension when prompted.
  4. Enter the 55xxxx password when prompted.
  5. When the voice begins speaking, dial 84.
  6. Enter the old password (55xxxx).
  7. Enter your new password twice.