Digital Document Output

In 2009, Luther College began an initiative to develop our first comprehensive view of digital document output (copying and printing) across the campus with the ultimate goal of shaping a broad vision for this service and to better understand how our use of digital document output affects resource use and sustainability. Luther has partnered with Ricoh Corporation (formerly known as IKON Office Solutions) to help us provide leadership and oversight.

The data generated by our new arrangement gives us a big picture of our use, and provides guidance on how we can work to evolve our collective use of digital document output to be more efficient, convenient, and sustainable.

Specific goals of our initiative include:

  • Reducing and eliminating college-wide subsidy and losses regarding digital output costs
  • Reducing overall print volume
  • Reducing redundancy and increasing efficiency in our fleet digital output devices
  • Maximizing the benefit of our institutional investment in the Document Center
  • Driving volume to the lowest cost output device appropriate

Supporting Documents