Staff Computer Refresh

Staff computer upgrades are on a staggered 3-year cycle. The departments are divided in thirds, and every year one third of all staff computers are refreshed. This new cycle is manageable for most needs and maximizes our hardware investments.

The following is the schedule for each of the three years of the staff roll:

  • Academic Year 2021-‘22
    • Campus Programming
    • Campus Safety & Security
    • Environmental Services
    • Facilities Services
    • Financial Aid
    • Financial Services
    • ITS
    • Legends Center
    • Library
    • Media Relations
    • Music
    • Registrar’s Office
    • Student Activities
    • Sustainability
    • Visual Media
  • Academic Year 2022-’23
    • Admissions
    • Alumni
    • Communications & Marketing
    • Counseling Service
    • Development
    • Dining Services
    • Document Center
    • Health Service
    • Mail Center
    • KWLC Radio
    • Publications
    • Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE)
    • Sports Information
    • Web Content
  • Academic Year 2023-‘24
    • Administrative Services
    • Book Shop
    • Career Center
    • Chips
    • College Ministries
    • Office of the Provost
    • Center for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success (CIES)
    • Human Resources
    • Center for Global Learning (CGL)
    • President’s Office
    • Regents Center
    • Residence Life
    • Student Life
    • TRIO
    • Wellness


The College is moving from Macs to Windows computers where possible due to Apple’s design decisions that hinder the ability of ITS to perform upgrades and repairs, along with Apple’s increasing price structure. Some of Luther's current Apple hardware can be upgraded, and some cannot. Mac users may continue using Apple hardware as long as ITS has a supply of inventory that can be supported.


The new and upgraded systems will automatically be loaded with the standard software that we provide to offices on campus. This includes Microsoft Office 2019, Adobe Creative Cloud, Firefox, Chrome, Media Players, Zoom and various utilities for managing computers. For details, see the following lists:

Software available on faculty PCs '20-'21 (PDF)
Software available on faculty PCs '18-'19
(PDF) | Software available on faculty Macs '18-'19 (PDF)

Upgrade Process

The upgrade procedure is initiated by ITS. ITS contacts the department selected as next for upgrading to schedule a meeting with the members of the department. At the meeting, listings are shared that show current hardware, room number, and ITS inventory “name”of each workstation and printer. We discuss the each workstation and answer questions about peripherals, accessories, etc. At the meeting, we will schedule pertinent training for the department and begin to schedule the upgrades for the computers within the department. The intent is for the power users to be upgraded first in each department so they are able to help others in the department use new hardware and software more effectively.