Safe Computing Advice

Why should I worry about Safe Computing?

Practicing safe computing can help prevent others from using your computer to send out spam, prevent your files from becoming corrupt, and prevent other computers from becoming compromised. There are many areas where safe computing is very important. This website will highlight some key areas to help you become better educated for practicing safe computing.

Norse Mail

Norse Mail is an important area where safe computing is very important. Here are some tips when it comes to practicing safe computing when regarding Norse Mail. 

  • Use caution when opening emails asking for personal information.
  • Verify that the request within the email is legitimate before providing any personal information.
  • Do not open any attachments unless you are absolutely sure what they are about and who the original sender was.
  • For more information please visit our phishing page.

Virus Protection

If your computer gets infected with a virus it can do harm to your computer like access your personal data, use your computer to harm or infect others computers, and it can cause your computer to run sluggish. For more information on viruses and how to remove them please visit our virus removal page.

Anti-Virus Protection

To protect your computer and others computers an anti-virus program should be installed on your computer. This will prevent your computer from many of the harmful malware and viruses that can cause harm to your computer. For more information on anti-virus programs at Luther College please visit the anti-virus software page.