PaperCut - Change Username

PaperCut tracks print jobs based on the Norse Key associated with the print job. In order to print to a Luther printer from a personal computer, your username on that computer must match your Norse Key (the password does not matter – only the username).

These instructions will show how to configure your computer for your Norse Key and to work properly with PaperCut. Please review the directions before proceeding and if you have any questions, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

Please note: Incorrectly performing these steps can have significant consequences, including locking yourself out of your computer, and should be considered intermediate to advanced. If you aren't comfortable performing these steps, the Technology Help Desk can do these steps for you.

Mac OS – Change a User Account Name

Change a User Account Name

Note: You must be logged in as another account to perform this process. If you change the account name for the currently logged in account, you risk downgrading the account to a standard user. If you need assistance creating a new administrator account, we recommend that you allow the Technology Help Desk to perform this step.

1. Open System Preferences and click on Accounts.
2. If the Padlock is closed, click on it and enter your Password to make changes.
3. Right Click on the User and select Advanced Options.
4. Copy the current Account Name.
5. Click the + button under Alias and Paste the Account Name copied in Step 4.
6. In Account Name, enter your Norse Key (i.e. – smitjo01).
7. Click OK and restart your computer.

Windows 7/8/10

Change Username (Preferred)

1. Click on Start and type netplwiz. Press Enter
2. Select the User you wish to alter and click Properties.
3. In the User name field, enter your Luther Username (without
4. Click OK and then OK again.
5. Reboot.

NOTE – This does not change the password on your computer to your Norse Key.

Create a New User Account (If the above option does not work)

If the preferred method above does not work, you will need to create a new User Account on your computer. This step also involves copying over data from the Old account to the New account.

1. Click on Start and select Control Panel.
2. Double-click on User Accounts.
3. Click Manage Another Account.
4. Click Create a New Account.
5. In Account name, enter your Luther username (i.e. smitjo01) and choose Administrator.
6. Log off.
7. Log in with the New username to setup the account.
8. Copy data from Old account to New account.

Copy Data from Old Account to New Account

This process may take some time depending on the amount of data to be transferred. You will need an External Hard Drive or Flash Drive with enough disk space to hold the data to be transferred. The Circulation Desk in the Library has several External Hard Drives for check-out.

1. Plug in an external hard drive or flash drive.
2. Click on Start – Accessories – System Tools and select Windows Easy Transfer (or Click Start and type Windows Easy Transfer).
3. Click Next on the Welcome screen.
4. Select An External Hard Drive or Flash Drive when prompted.
5. Select This Is My Old Computer.
6. Check the User whose data you wish to transfer and click Next.
7. Click Save.
8. Choose were you wish to save the files. This will normally be on the External Hard Drive or Flash Drive and click Save.
9. When files are transferred, click Next twice and then Close.
10. Re-open Windows Easy Transfer (Click Start and type Windows Easy Transfer).
11. Click Next on the Welcome screen.
12. Select An External Hard Drive or Flash Drive when prompted.
13. Select This Is My New Computer.
14. Select Yes and select the location you saved your files.
15. On the Choose What To Transfer screen, click Advanced Options (located just above Transfer).
16. Under User Account on the New Computer, select the Account that matches your Norse Key and click Save.
17. Click Transfer.
18. Click Close and Reboot. Log back in as the new user.