One-Button Studio

A photo of the One-Button Studio in the lower level of Preus Library

The One-Button Studio (OBS) is a simplified, semi-automated video recording setup that can be used without any previous video production experience. The design of the studio allows you to create video projects without having to worry about lights, cameras and video editing. The One Button Studio is a great tool for practicing and recording presentations.

Luther College One-Button Studio is located in Faculty Carrel 103 on the first floor of Preus Library. The key to the OBS can be checked out from the Circulation Desk. Along with the key, you can checkout a properly formatted USB drive.

  1. Checkout the OBS key and USB drive from the circulation desk. Note that the key is checked out for one hour and the USB drive is checked out for two hours, allowing you to copy/upload your content to Google Drive or local computer.
  2. Turn the studio lights on.
  3. Plug the flash drive into the USB wall plate.
  4. Wait 30 seconds for the system to read the flash drive and press the RECORD button. The recording starts 30 seconds after you press the button, allowing you to move back to the video frame. Note that when you press the RECORD button, it will blink red for a short time. When it has turned solid red, it is recording.
  5. Stop recording by pressing the STOP button and wait 30-60 seconds before you remove the flash drive.
  6. Once you are done recording the video, you can copy the files to your own laptop or use Digital Media Center computers to upload the file to your Google Drive.
  7. Once the files are transferred, please delete the file from the USB flash drive and return the key and USB drive back to the circulation desk.