Microsoft Security Essentials - Running an Anti-Virus Scan

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is a free anti-virus software for Windows computers.

Installing Microsoft Security Essentials

Instructions for installing Microsoft Security Essentials are available here.

Setting Up an Anti-Virus Scan

  1. Open MSE.
  2. Click on the Home tab (if not already selected).
  3. In the Scan Options area, select Quick, Full, or Custom.
    1. Quick scans search the most common areas for viruses. This will take less time but is not as thorough.
    2. Full scans will search your entire computer. This takes significantly longer and will slow down your computer but is the most thorough.
    3. Custom scans will allow you to select where you want to have MSE scan.
  4. Click Scan Now.

If a virus or malware is discovered, you will have the option to Remove, Quarantine, or Allow the file.

  • Remove will permanently delete the file from your computer.
  • Quarantine will move the file to another location and prevent it from running on your computer. You can choose to restore it at a later date.
  • Allow adds the file to MSE’s allowed list of programs. This is useful if MSE marks a valid file (such as VNC) as a possible threat.