Media Conversion & Duplication

Media conversion equipment is available in the Digital Media Center, in the lower level of Preus Library, and several places on campus. Multimedia staff can assist in converting or transferring from VHS, Video Camera, audio tapes, etc to DVD or digital format. Before staff can duplicate or distribute material, the user must fill out a Multimedia Copyright Declaration Form, found in the Related Documents section of this page.

ITS will not break copy protection for any reason.

If an item is owned by the Library, a librarian can assist contacting the Rights Holder to determine what is permitted. If an item is owned by the user or department, they will then be responsible for contacting the Rights Holder.

Users assume risk and liability with converting or copying media. Exceptions may be made to move media to a new format or media type for preservation efforts.

For more information, visit the Copyright and Fair Use page.

If you plan to show or assign films for instruction, see the Guidelines for Instructors on Using Film in Courses.

Service Availability

Media conversion & duplication is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students of Luther College.

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