Support for Campus Events

The Support for Campus Events policy is meant to address ITS involvement in Luther events requiring audio-visual or other technology needs. This document lays out both the ITS responsibilities and the User responsibilities in regard to audio-visual and multimedia support for campus events.

This policy applies to ITS and the Luther College campus and affects staff, faculty, students, student organizations, and guests.

Terms and Definitions

  • On-Campus Events
    • Events that take place on Luther property
  • Off-Campus Events
    • Events that take place off Luther property
  • All-Campus Events
    • Events as defined by the Campus Events document (Baccalaureate, Commencement, Convocations, New Student Orientation, Homecoming, Distinguished Lecture Series)
  • Academic Event
    • Classes, lectures, or other events that are sponsored or required by academic departments
  • Administrative Events
    • Conferences, meetings, or other events that are sponsored by administrative departments
  • Entertainment Events
    • Floor socials, Concerts, Caf Nights, Movie Nights, Bands, or other events that are sponsored by SAC, Center for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success, Student Organizations, etc that are not required for academic purposes
  • Hours of Support
    • The Technology Help Desk hours are:
      • Monday – Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
      • Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
      • Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
      • Sunday: 12:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
      • Hours during Finals or Breaks may vary
  • Help Desk Manager
    • Primary: Help Desk Lead, Multimedia Lead, Help Desk Specialist, Classroom and Meeting Space Technology Lead.
    • Secondary: Any member of the User Services or Library staff.

A. Check-Out and Reservations

ITS will work with departments to ensure appropriate audio-visual equipment is installed in spaces that require it on a permanent basis. For short term solutions, ITS audio-visual equipment can be reserved via the web at A complete list of equipment can be found at

All equipment is available on a first come, first served basis. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact the Technology Help Desk and we will see what can be done to assist.

ITS maintains a variety of audio-visual carts (multimedia, sound systems, and public address systems) that are pre-configured for specific purposes. Special arrangements must be made and approved by a Help Desk Manager.

Priority is given based on the following order:

  1. On-Campus portions of All-Campus Events
  2. On-Campus Academic events
  3. On-Campus Administrative events
  4. Off-Campus portions of All-Campus Events
  5. Off-Campus Academic events
  6. Off-Campus Administrative events
  7. On-Campus Entertainment events
  8. Off-Campus Entertainment events
  9. Non-Luther related events

ITS reserves the right to grant or deny equipment for an event or to an individual per Help Desk Manager discretion (according to Luther’s campus event policy). This may include extending check-out times or substituting specific equipment as needed.

Reservations are strongly encouraged for all events. For major events (i.e. Homecoming, Graduation, All-Campus Events, etc), it is recommended to make reservations 2 or more weeks in advance. Due to the nature of events, last minute changes or requests cannot be guaranteed.

Generally, ITS equipment is designed for spoken word or light audio performances and is not intended for large scale events, concerts, bands, etc. For events needing this type of equipment, ITS maintains a list of outside vendors willing to rent equipment or provide expertise at the Audio-Visual & Event Support – Outside Vendors page.

B. Guidelines and Support

User Responsibilities:

  • Users are responsible for all equipment that is checked out in their name. If there are any problems with the equipment, notify ITS immediately so that it can be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
  • Users are expected to return all equipment in a timely manner due to high demand. Fines of up to $25 per day may be applied for late returns.
  • Users are responsible for reserving spaces on campus for events. ITS can assist in identifying spaces that might be best suited for your event.
  • Users are encouraged to make special arrangements for events happening outside normal hours of support.
  • Sponsoring groups are expected to provide staff to perform sound checks, run sound boards, assist with lighting, etc.
  • To insure events run smoothly, it is recommended that users make an appointment with the Technology Help Desk prior to the event. This will allow us to identify the needed equipment and any issues or problems ahead of time and find workable solutions.
  • Before signing a contract with a thirty party, users are responsible for discussing with ITS the availability of needed equipment. ITS will attempt to meet needs but cannot be responsible for supplying equipment.

ITS Support:

  • ITS Technicians will be available for setup and tear-down of on-campus events contingent upon availability of staff. Support may be limited during specific times of the year (Finals, All-Campus events, etc). Off-campus support is available via phone.
  • ITS will provide training for the user to operate equipment. This will include how to setup, tear-down, and operate loaned equipment. ITS can also provide instructions on how to use technology in any classroom on campus.
  • ITS will not be present during the event and it is the responsibility of the user to operate the equipment or arrange for extra assistance.
  • ITS will provide consulting for outside vendors or events within the best of our ability.
  • Last minute requests for support cannot be guaranteed.
  • Upon return, ITS will test all equipment to insure it is in working condition. Unless otherwise asked for or arranged, all data will be wiped from laptops and recording equipment (including video cameras, iPods, etc).

C. Recording of Events or Media Conversions

Video Cameras and Digital Recorders are available from the Circulation Desk to record classes, lectures, or events. ITS is able to assist in setup or tear-down of equipment for on-campus events that happen during regular hours of support.

Users are responsible for securing permission from the presenter(s) for any recording or duplication purposes per the Luther College Copyright Policy found at

A minimum of five (5) business days is required for any media duplication or conversion if work is performed by ITS. This is due to a high demand for a limited number of multimedia equipment. Instructions and assistance is available for more urgent needs.

Instructions for converting video formats into a streaming media format are available on the ITS Help Desk website ( under Katie Video Conversions.

When converting video formats and/or transferring onto different media, assume a 1:5 ratio of time (i.e. a 1 hour video will take approximately 5 hours to import, convert, transcode, export and copy onto different media). This applies if the user or ITS is performing the work.

D. All-Campus Events and Specific Departmental Events

Commencement: Audio is handled by Jenson-Noble Music; Video transmission to on-campus viewing locations is handled by ITS; Video recording is handled by Campus Programming.

Homecoming: Requests follow the previous guidelines and support.

Specific department events such as athletics, music, etc are handled by staff of those individual departments. ITS will provide assistance when requested and arranged in advance.