MAC Address - What is it? How to find it?

What is a MAC Address?

A MAC (Media Access Control) Address or Physical Address is a unique identifier attached to most forms of networking equipment such as a Wireless card or Ethernet card. All computers with network access have a MAC address, not just Macintosh computers.

Luther College uses MAC addresses to identify devices connected to the network, making it easier to troubleshoot or isolate problems.

Windows 7/8/10

  1. Click on Start and select Run.
  2. Type cmd and click OK.
  3. In the black command prompt that appears, type ipconfig /all
  4. Look for the Physical Address line. This is your MAC Address.
  5. Type exit to close the command prompt.
    • If you have multiple network cards (Wired or Wireless), there may be several Physical Address listed. Please note them both.

Macintosh OS X

  1. Click on System Preferences (normally found on the Dock).
  2. Select Network.
  3. Wired/Ethernet Connection
    1. Select the Ethernet tab and click on the Advanced button.
    2. Along the top row, select the Hardware tab. Your MAC address will be labelled here.
  4. Wireless/AirPort Connection
    1. Select the Wi-Fi tab and click on the Advanced button. The Wi-Fi Address is your MAC address.

iPhone and iPod Touch

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap About
  4. Scroll down to Wi-Fi Address