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KATIE Training

Utilizing the KATIE Learning Management System (LMS) will enable instructors to interact with the students in their class online, anywhere, anytime. The KATIE LMS is located at

KATIE stands for Knowledge And Technology In Education. Katie is also the name of Martin Luther’s wife, a former nun who followed Martin into the Reformation.  KATIE is Luther's customized version of open source moodle.


Upon completion of this 1-on-1 training, you will be able to:

  • Get Started Using the LMS
  • Adjust your LMS Course Settings
  • Upload Files into your LMS Course
  • Set up Activities for your LMS Course
  • Run your LMS Course


Training intended to get you up and going on a KATIE course site, or step through more advanced features, is located within KATIE itself.

Go to and log in as yourself. 

The following tutorial courses have been developed on KATIE:

  1. Introduction to KATIE
  2. Gradebook
  3. Assignments


Once you login to KATIE, in the right center block you'll see “KATIE Help” and it includes the following topics and several others:

Additional Resources

Review the Technology Help Desk web site

Contact the Technology Help Desk

KATIE home screen 2014