iPad Basics Training

This is an introduction to the Apple iPad.

Turn your iPad on / off

To turn your iPad on, press the sleep/wake button that is located on the top right corner. Below is a display of this button and the other functions of the iPad.

ipad help 1
ipad help 1

Pressing the sleep/wake button once while the iPad is on will lock the iPad. This prevents anything from happening when you touch the screen.

To turn your iPad off, press and hold the sleep/wake button until the red slider appears. Then drag the red slider to power off.

Registering your iPad

The first time you use the wireless internet on campus, you will be asked to register your iPad with the campus network. Once on the registration page (http://network.luther.edu/), select the first option which is for Luther College Faculty, Staff, and Students. Then enter your Norse Key username and password and click the Register button. You may need to reboot your iPad for the registration to take effect.

Get Started Using your iPad

  • User Guide – Learn how to navigate your iPad. View the guide on your iPad by tapping the “User Guide” bookmark in Safari, or you can also go to http://help.apple.com/ipad.
  • Video Tutorials – If you would like video tutorials on using an iPad please visit linkedinlearning.luther.edu. LinkedIn Learning is an online course website offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. All faculty, staff, and students should visit linkedinlearning.luther.edu and sign in with their Norse Key username and password to access this service.

Configure Norse Mail, Calendar, and Contacts Using Norse Mail on your iPad

You can use your Norse Mail, Norse Calendar, and related Contacts through the Safari Internet browser. However, it’s much easier to use them within the respective apps on your iPad: Mail, Calendar, and Contacts.

  • Norse Mail – To set up Norse Mail on your iPad, go to the Mail app located on the bottom row of the home page. To setup your Luther Norse Mail account, select “Gmail” as the account type and then, when prompted, enter your Luther email address and Norse Key password. For additional email accounts and adjustments you can make to your configuration, go into Settings on the iPad, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and review the options available.
  • Norse Calendar and Contacts – The Google Help Center provides the instructions for setting up your Norse Calendar and Contacts on your iPad. Only sync your Calendar and Contacts through this process. See Set Up Your Apple Device for Google Sync. The instructions also step you through setting up multiple calendars for use on your iPad – see the next to last link on the page.

iTunes Password

ITS uses a special account to download and install default applications on your iPad. If you want to purchase additional applications, music, or other items through iTunes, you’ll want to use your own account.

Connect your iPad to your computer and iTunes will open. If you have used iTunes before, that account can be synced with your iPad. If you don’t have an account, create one and then it will sync with your iPad.

If you’re not near your computer, on your iPad go to Settings and click on “Store” on the left hand side. Then select “Sign Out”. At that point, you will be given the option to either “Sign In” – and provide both your username and password – or “Create New Account”.

Once you’ve setup the account and synced with your iPad once, you can either download apps to your iPad directly using the App Store or iTunes on your iPad, or you can download them using iTunes on your computer and then sync the iPad to your computer to transfer them to your iPad.


Visit the App Store on your iPad to download applications. Note you can port apps from your iPod Touch to your iPad and they will work. A select few iPad apps are listed here:

Application Cost Description
Pages $9.99 Word processing application
Numbers $9.99 Spreadsheet application
Keynote $9.99 Presentation application
Quickoffice free Full editor for Google Docs and Word, Excel, PowerPoint (alternative to Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
Documents to Go Premium $16.99 Full editor for Google Docs and Word, Excel, PowerPoint (alternative to Pages, Numbers, Keynote) User Guide
2Screens – Presentation Expert $4.99 Full-featured document manager, file viewer, web browser and whiteboard with VGA-out to TV, LCD monitor or projector
Dropbox free Sync and share your files online and across computers
GoDocs $4.99 View your Google docs
GoodReader $4.99 Read huge PDF or TXT files; Google Docs integration
Citrix free Access Luther desktops, applications, and data (see note below)
Dragon Dictation free Voice recognition application
iBooks free Download and read books from the iBookstore
Kindle free Download and read Kindle books
Pandora Radio free Personalized radio that can stream music
USA Today free Latest news stories, scores, weather and photos
Marvel free Download and read Marvel Comics
Omnigraffle $49.99 Create a quick diagram, process chart, page layout, etc
Adobe Ideas free Digital sketchbook
NPR News free Follow local and national news; listen to NPR stations
Twitterrific free Twitter client
Google Search free Search Google quickly
Free Translator free Interface to free Google Translate API to languages
Wikipanion free Easy search, navigation and display of wikipedia entries
Google Earth free Explore global satellite and aerial imagery
Roadshow free Collect your favorite web videos, and play them back anytime, anywhere — even offline!
BeejiveIM for iPad $4.99 Chat client that integrates with gChat
Mindnode $9.99 Mindmapping client
iTeleport $19.99 VNC client

Note: In order to use Citrix, an account must first be created by ITS. Once you have an account, the settings to use include Description: Citrix, Address: https://citrix.luther.edu, Username: Norse Key username, Password: Norse Key password, and Domain: lc.luther.edu. For detailed setup, see Citrix – iPad Installation and Configuration. For information on using Citrix, see Citrix Training.

Change your Norse Key Password

When you change your Norse Key Password, you will need to provide that new password in order for your Norse Mail, Calendar, and Contacts to continue working on your iPad. The best method for changing passwords on your iPad is to wait for the device to realize the password has changed and then provide the new information. Below is additional information for each of the options:

  • Norse Mail – When you use the Mail application after changing your Norse Key password, you will get the message, “Cannot Get Mail. The user name or password for “xxxx” is incorrect.” Click “OK” and then go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap on your Luther email account, select Account, enter your new Norse Key password, and tap Done. You can then return to the Mail app and continue sending and receiving messages.
  • Norse Calendar and Contacts – For Calendar and Contacts, when your iPad recognizes a new password is needed, you will receive the message, “Password Incorrect. When prompted, enter your new Norse Key password. You can instead, if you wish, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, tap on your Norse Calendar account, tap Account, enter your new password and tap Done.
  • Other – Depending upon other applications that you use on your iPad, you may need to enter your new Norse Key password in additional locations. Some applications allow you to change the password through the Settings icon on your iPad, others will have a location within the application itself.


There are times when you would like to display what’s on your iPad to a projector using the appropriate adapter. On newer iPads, everything on your iPad will display on the projector. On older iPads (1st generation), certain applications permit this ability. For a listing, see iPad Apps Supporting VGA/Composite/Component Out

In addition, podiums on campus now have AirServer installed which permits displaying what's on your iPad without an adapter.


Settings is where you change how your iPad functions. We encourage you to poke around and try things. Among the favorites:

  • Brightness & Wallpaper – You can change your the lock screen and home screen background picture with this option.
  • General – You can turn sounds on/off, set a passcode lock, change your accessibility options, and adjust other settings here.
  • Signature – When you send email messages from your iPad, by default the message “Sent from my iPad” will be added at the end of the message. If you like this, fine. If you want to change it, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature and change it to whatever you prefer, such as your name and contact information.