LCGuest Wireless Network Availability

The LCGuest network aims to provide easy to access network access for guests of Luther College.

Network Name (SSID) = LCGuest

The LCGuest SSID is only intended for the use of guests. For Information on wireless network access for Luther College Faculty, Staff, Students, and Sponsored Guests: LCWireless

The LCGuest Wireless network has the following limitations:

  • Content filtering is in place.
  • Peer to Peer filesharing programs are not allowed.
  • Printing through Papercut is unavailable.

Areas where the LCGuest Network is available:

LCGuest is available everywhere that LCWireless is available.

In order to preserve the health of the campus network, individuals are not allowed to connect personal routers or switches to their network port. This restriction includes personal wireless devices such as wireless routers, hubs, and switches (a.k.a. access points). While these devices are often desirable to individual users, use of such devices interferes with the health of the network and can cause large-scale network outages.