Network Access - Guest Policy

Luther College maintains computer resources and networks primarily for the private use of students, faculty, and other employees in order to conduct academic and other work in support of the mission of the College. From time to time, it may be necessary to provide limited, temporary access to computing and network resources to guests of the College. The following policy describes the conditions under which such access may be granted in order to maintain the privacy and security of the Luther College computing resources and networks.

Guest Wireless Access

Guest access to our wireless network is provided through the SSID LCGuest. Guests of Luther College can connect to LCGuest without having to register their computer for network access. Please see the Guest Wireless Network page for information.

Sponsored Guest Accounts

If a guest needs more access than the guest wireless network provides, a sponsored guest account can be created. Sponsored guest accounts are created at the request of Luther College faculty, staff or students for individuals visiting the College. A sponsored guest account allows the guest’s computer to be connected to the network for a period of time negotiated when the account is created. Sponsored guest accounts provide more access than the guest wireless network, but require a guest’s computer to meet our network Registration Requirements before access is granted. Use this Sponsored Guest Network Registration to request a sponsored guest account. For instructions to connect, use the Quick Start Guide.

Information for All Guests

If you are staying in one of our Residence Halls, and intend to connect your computer to the network using an Ethernet jack, please remember to bring an Ethernet Cable with you. Wired connections are available in rooms in the following Residence Halls:

  • Brandt
  • Baker Village
  • Farwell
  • Larsen
  • Olson
  • Ylvisaker

Wireless Network access is available in some Residence Halls and many additional areas on campus. Please see the Wireless Network page for information on network coverage.

Registration Requirements

To ensure that our network remains secure, and virus free, all computers must be registered before they are allowed to access the network. Anti-virus software must be installed on all computers, and it must have up-to-date virus definitions.

To ensure the most trouble free internet experience we request that access for guests is requested at least 3 weeks before they arrive on campus, and we encourage guests to register their computers before they arrive on campus. Register your computer at after an account has been set up for you. A quick registration guide is available in the article titled ResNet Quick Start Guide.

Hardware Requirements

To connect to an Ethernet jack your computer must have a 10 or 10/100 Ethernet port. To connect to the Luther College wireless network, your computer must have an 802.11g or 802.11n wireless card. In most areas 802.11a wireless cards are not compatible with the Luther College Wireless Network.

Acceptable Use/Responsibility

Individuals are responsible for any damage done to the network while connected. This includes damage resulting from viruses, spyware, or misuse. All users must read and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy.

Luther’s Internet access is not filtered and the user accepts all responsibility for which sites are visited or how it is used.


To ensure the security and stability of our network, it is necessary to block network access of computers that pose a threat to the stability and security of the network. Machines found to be acting maliciously on our network will be immediately quarantined. Quarantine is not intended as punishment to the owners of quarantined computers. Quarantine protects the network and other users from harmful activity that has been observed by network monitoring tools and provides users with the information that is necessary to clean and protect the offending computer. After the computer has been certified as cleaned and protected it can be allowed back into the network community.

The Help Desk provides advice to users on how quarantined computers can be cleaned and secured. However, the burden of proof and ultimate responsibility for cleaning an infected computer resides with the computer’s owner.


Technology Help Desk support of guest personal computers is limited to support of the registration process only. Installing operating system patches, and anti-virus software is the responsibility of the user.

Internet Access for Guests Without Their Own Computer

Internet access is available in the following locations

  • Dahl Centennial Union, first floor inside the main entrance.
  • Marty’s Cyber Cafe, lower level of Dahl Centenial Union.
  • Preus Library inside the main entrance.