Guest Network Registration - Quick Start Guide

Sponsored Guest Access

Guests who need longer term Internet access, or a full Internet connection may contact the Technology Help Desk to request a Guest Account. Computers connecting to the Luther network must have an Anti-Virus software with up-to-date definitions and the latest operating system patches.


  1. Connect to LCWireless or LCWireless 5G.
  2. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc).
  3. Click Agree on the Network Usage Policy page.
  4. Click Login as a guest user under Guest Access.
  5. Enter your Email and the Password given you to by the Technology Help Desk.
  6. Click Login and Download Agent.
  7. Save the Agent to a location on your computer (ex: Desktop).
  8. Double-click the Agent to scan the computer. This may take several minutes.

Successful Scan: Reboot your computer to complete the registration. Mobile devices may have to turn Wireless off and then on again in order to properly access the network.

Failed Scan: Failed items will be listed and must be resolved before registration is complete. Repeat instructions to register again.

LCGuest Wireless Network

For guests who need quick access to limited Internet access. The following restrictions are in place:

  • Content filtering is in place
  • Peer to Peer filesharing programs are not allowed
  • Network speed is capped

Please see for more information on the LCGuest Wireless Network.