Faculty Computer Refresh Information - Summer 2019 Roll

We are requesting information that will help ITS provide appropriate computing equipment for your office at an optimal refresh time. Your computer will be refreshed during this summer. Please take a few minutes to carefully fill out the online Faculty Computer Response Form by Friday, May 3, 2019. If you would like help filling out this form, please contact the Technology Help Desk to arrange for a consultation.

What does this mean for each faculty member?

This summer we will refresh computers in Africana Studies, Communication Studies, Economics, Accounting, Management, Education, History, Library, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work. We need help from you to determine how your computer will be refreshed. Please complete the Faculty Computer Response Form.

Why am I not getting a new computer this summer?

As part of the College’s cost-saving measures, this refresh cycle ITS will be “supercharging” computers (increasing RAM to 8GB, switching to 240 GB SSDs, refreshing software) rather than purchasing new computers. 

Are we moving from Macs to Windows on campus?

Yes, the College is moving from Macs to Windows computers where possible due to Apple’s recent design decisions that hinder the ability of ITS to perform upgrades and repairs, along with Apple’s increasing price structure. Some of Luther's current Apple hardware can be upgraded, and some cannot. Mac users may continue using Apple hardware as long as ITS has a supply of inventory that can be "supercharged".

What will happen to my documents and data?

The refreshed systems will have SSD hard drives that may be smaller than your current hard drive. Please remove unused software installed on your current drive, after making your own backup. To ensure all of your necessary Luther files are copied to your new hard drive, please remove personal document, photos, music, etc. This will also save resources on your new drive and time wasted copying files that aren’t necessary.

What software will come with the new system?

The refreshed systems will automatically be loaded with the standard software that we provide to offices on campus. This includes Firefox, Chrome, Citrix, Media Players (Quicktime, Windows Media Player) and various utilities for managing computer files. In addition, Microsoft Office 2019 and Adobe Creative Cloud will be installed.

Software available on faculty PCs '18-'19 (PDF) | Software available on faculty Macs '18-'19 (PDF)
Software available on faculty PCs '17-'18
(PDF) | Software available on faculty Macs '17-'18 (PDF)

What software will be available in the labs on campus?

Lists of software currently in the labs are available for your review. Microsoft Office 2019 will be installed Summer 2019. Adobe Creative Cloud was installed in the labs prior to Fall 2016.

Software available on our PC labs '18-'19 (PDF) | Software available on Mac labs '18-'19 (PDF)
Software available on our PC labs '17-'18 (PDF) | Software available on Mac labs '17-'18 (PDF)

What about printing?

Personal and Workgroup Printers are not upgraded as part of the summer faculty roll. Beginning with the 2008-09 budget year, Personal printers are considered departmental equipment and not centrally supplied by ITS. Instead, ITS, the Document Center and Ricoh will work with departments to ensure a suitable number of appropriate Workgroup output devices (printers, copiers, etc.) are available for general department use. For details on these policies, see Digital Document Output, Personal Printers and Workgroup Printers.

What training is available?

Training information, including mini-videos from LyndaCampus (now LinkedIn Learning) and online materials, is available at https://www.luther.edu/helpdesk/.

When will my computer be refreshed?

At this time we are planning to start refreshes Monday, July 1 and finish by Friday, July 19. We need your help determining the optimal time for your installation. Please indicate your date preferences on the Faculty Computer Response Form and submit it by Friday, May 3, 2019. ITS will contact you with a specific date for your refresh. Preferences for dates will be given according to the date forms are submitted.

What else do I need to know about my new computer?

When you receive your new computer, you will receive a QuickStart Guide to help get you up and running fast. See the following, depending upon your platform.

Windows 10 Quick Start Guide (PDF) | Mac OS X Quick Start Guide (PDF) | What's New in 2019 (PDF) | Enterprise Connect (PDF)