Equipment Loan Agreement

ITS provides equipment for short term check-out to Faculty and Staff of Luther College. Students may check-out such equipment for academic or organization purposes.

In receiving this equipment, the user agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. I am personally responsible for all equipment checked out. I am also personally liable for any damaged and/or missing equipment I check out.
  2. I will return all items I have checked out within the specified time. All times will be returned to the same location where they were checked out. Fines of up to $25 per day may be applied for late returns.
  3. I will be charged for missing or damaged equipment checked out to me. I will be personally responsible for paying the full replacement cost of the item(s) borrowed.
  4. Missing, stolen, or non-functioning equipment must be reported immediately.
  5. Laptops that are checked out are re-imaged immediately upon return and data will not be saved.
  6. Last minute requests, changes, or extensions cannot be guaranteed.

Contact the Technology Help Desk with any questions.