Colleague - Personal Information Change Form

All person demographic information, stored in Colleague, is currently maintained by the Human Resources office, Admissions, Office for Financial Services, and the Alumni office. Any office that receives requests from students or staff to change their address information can use the “Personal Information Change Form”.

If a Luther student, employee, or alumni request a change of address, phone, or name, direct them to the proper office:

To process a change of address you should fill out the “Personal Information Change Form” and route it to the appropriate office. You should ask the person for their SSN, date of birth, and Luther ID number that is required to uniquely identify the student and to insure that the right person’s record will be updated. Complete all other information that is known. Include reason for change and your name in the “name of the person making the change”.

Once the information is changed in Colleague the form will be sent to and filed in the Alumni Office. You do not need to send the form to more than one office.

  • Requests to keep address information confidential must be made at the Student Life Office.
  • Application to use a chosen name or pronoun must be made at the Student Life Office.
  • Name or Social Security Number changes must be processed in person at the Student Employment Office or the Human Resources Office. No change can be made until the Social Security Administration has processed the change. Therefore, please bring your new Social Security Card with you to request a Name or Social Security Number change.
  • Students may change their major by contacting the Registrar’s office.
  • Go to and select Update My Profile to add your emergency contact information, off-campus address, or ethnicity.

More Colleague Person Change Forms may be obtained from ITS.

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