Colleague Lock

Sometimes a user will contact the Help Desk in order to access a locked record. When this happens, they see the error message below:

Colleague Lock 1
Colleague Lock 1

This error message says two things:

  1. Which database record is locked (Person – 0031474)
  2. Which user has the record open, thereby locking it (User 146)

In order to resolve the issue, the Help Desk will need to know:

  • Which user is locking the record
  • The name of the caller
  • The phone number of the caller

During periods of network instability, the User # is often the user who is calling because their session lost connection to the server.

App Dev will:

  1. Determine what is causing the lock.
  2. Contact the user to Save/Cancel from the record or terminate the abnormally aborted session.
  3. Call the person experiencing the lock to make sure they can get in.