Connecting Google Chromecast to ResNet

Note that the device (Mac, PC, Android Phone or Tablet, iPhone or iPad) you plan to use to configure your chromecast from must be registered and connected to the LCWireless or LCWireless5G network before it can be used to configure.

Warning: Once you connect your chromecast to your tv and power it on, please finish the setup immediately.  Do not connect it and power it up and plan to finish the setup in a few days.  When the chromecast is in the setup state it creates its own wireless network that interferes with the LCWireless network.

If you have additional questions that are not answered here please visit the Google Chrome support page.

Configuring Chromecast using your Android phone or tablet

  1. Follow the getting started directions that came with the device to plug it into your tv, switch your tv input, and visit the setup URL, and install the Chromecast application to your Android phone.
  2. You should see the Chromecast setup screen on your tv


  3. Open the Chromecast Application and click "Setup"


  4. The app will connect to your Chromecast


    When it's connected verify that the code shown in the App matches the code shown on your tv.  This ensures that you've found your chromecast and not one belonging to one of your neighbors.  If the code matches choose "I see the code".


  5. Give your Chromecast a name. and choose "Set"


  6. Choose LCWireless as the network for your chromecast, and choose "Set Network". 

    Note: If your phone is connected to LCWireless5G, then that network name will be listed by default.  If this is the case you must manually choose LCWireless as the chromecast is a 2.4Ghz only device and will fail to connect to LCWireless5G


    Note: If your phone was connected to LCWireless5G you will receive this error message:


    Click OK on this error, but you will want to configure your phone to prefer to connect to LCWireless5G after you finish configuring your chromecast.  The error message was written with a home network in mind and doesn't realize that on our network devices on LCWireless and LCWireless5G are able to communicate with each other.

  7.  Your Chromecast will attempt to connect to LCWireless


    If you get this error, wait a few minutes and click try again.  It sometimes takes a few moments for the network registration system to detect and automatically register your chromecast.


  8. You should see the screen indicating that your chromecast has successfully connected.  Choose "Finish Setup".


    If you have additional questions that are not answered here please visit the Google Chrome support page.