Browser Updates

Updating your Internet Browsers

Why is it important to update your Internet Browser?

Having an updated internet browser will ensure that your browser is not a security risk to your computer and that all webpages will function properly. Many of the Luther College webpages require an updated internet browser to function properly, like:

  • KATIE (Chrome and Firefox recommended; cannot use Internet Explorer)
  • Colleague (IE and Firefox recommended)
  • Business Objects reporting (Firefox recommended)
  • Luther College website (Firefox recommended for Reason web content contributors)
  • Norse Apps (Chrome recommended)

How to update your Internet Browser

Most internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari will automatically check for updates. They will then be installed the next time you open your browser.

To manually check for updates in your internet browser please follow the links provided.

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer will update with Windows Updates. Windows Updates will happen automatically as needed. To manually update Windows please follow this link:

Safari: Apple uses software updates to install updates for Safari. Mac OS X will automatically check for updates provided you have an internet connection. To manually check for updates please follow this link:

If there are any questions or if you need any assistance with updating your browsers, please call the Technology Help Desk.