Course Topics

CHEM 201 Advanced Chemical Principles
A faster paced introduction to chemistry than CHEM 151 and 152. Material from both CHEM 151 and 152 will be included, but basic chemical knowledge and competence in algebra will be assumed. Lab will emphasize an introduction to several instruments and to data-handling with spreadsheets.

CHEM 344 Instrumental Methods: Spectroscopic Techniques
A detailed look at the instrumentation and applications of optical spectroscopy associated with chemical analyses. Topics will include molecular and atomic absorption, fluorescence, NMR, and IR spectrometries, as well as selected advanced spectroscopic techniques.

CHEM 345 Instrumental Methods: Separations and Electrochemistry
A detailed look at methods of separation and electroanalytical techniques including GC, HPLC, MS, SFC, potentiometry, amperometry, and voltammetry.

CHEM 365 Spectroscopy and Separations Lab
A laboratory introduction to various types of spectroscopy and separation techniques and how they are used in the chemistry laboratory. Techniques will include UV/VIS, IR, fluorescence, and NMR spectroscopy, and liquid and gas phase chromatography.

CHEM 202 Analytical Chemistry
An introduction to quantitative analysis. The course provides a detailed examination of equilibrium chemistry and its application to gravimetry and titrimetry. The theory and practice of chromatographic separations and spectroscopic detection are introduced.