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Congratulations! You have decided to participate in a study-abroad program. Though your trip is not for a few months, there are preliminary preparations that must be done. It is your responsibility to start preparations for vaccinations early. Many of the vaccines required/recommended for travel abroad need to be started up to six months before you travel.

Vaccinations should be among your first consideration when planning international travel. The most important factor to consider is whether you will be traveling to areas where the disease risk is greater than the risk at home. Many developing countries have health systems that are overburdened and underfunded. As a result, disease outbreaks can occur suddenly and spread rapidly. Consequently, it is important to get up-to-date information about current conditions in the countries that you plan to visit. An important website to visit is the CDC Travelers' Health site.

Health education for travel is very important because many diseases are not vaccine-preventable. Even with vaccines, immunity varies and coverage is rarely 100 percent. Most vaccines have minimal side effects. As with any vaccine, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Vaccines are costly: however, they are not a luxury and are recommended for a reason. Country officials do not want you to bring diseases into their countries, nor do you want to return home with a disease, which could have been prevented by taking certain precautions.

Vaccine recommendations are tailored for you from information the faculty advisor shares with Health Service staff regarding your itinerary and activities while traveling. Please review the disease and vaccine information enclosed.

After you have read this material, you must make some decisions about the recommended vaccines you plan to receive. Health Service suggests you discuss this with your parents and make arrangements for your immunizations as soon as possible.

Insurance Note

Your insurance may cover some immunizations if done by your local health-care provider. Check this out. Health Service does not file insurance for you. This is your responsibility.

Vaccination Details Update

Available at Health Service: (prices subject to change)

  • Hepatitis A: Series of 2 injections: #1 at 0 months, #2 is given 6 months later. Cost is approximately $72.00 per injection.
  • Hepatitis B: Series of 3 injections: #1 at 0 months, #2 is given one month later, #3 is given six months after the first injection. Cost approximately is $54.00 per injection.
  • Typhoid: 4 pills, effective for 5 years. Reports 60-70 percent effective. Typhoid needs to be completed at least one week prior to travel. It needs to be one month before or after the yellow fever or MMR. Cost is approximately $84.00.
  • Antimalarial: Available with a prescription. Need to know total number of weeks going to be on the trip. Malarial prophylaxis is one tablet one week prior to departure, weekly while in malarias area, and weekly for four weeks after returning to the United States.
  • Yellow Fever: REQUIRED for many areas of South America and Africa! If you do not have this documentation, you will be unable to enter the country. NO EXCEPTIONS. This vaccine can only be obtained at a travel clinic. You need to have scheduled your appointment at a travel clinic AT LEAST 8 WEEKS PRIOR TO TRAVEL. They do not tolerate exceptions!

Other Considerations

Learn more about general travel tips, traveler's vaccines, food, water, and traveler's diarrhea, jet lag and airplane earaches, and a traveler's medical kit.

More Information on Studying Abroad/CDC Travelers Health Site

For information specifically to your travel destination, you must go to the CDC website and enter your destination. You will find important information on the following at: CDC Travelers' Health Site

  • Vaccines and Medicines
  • Stay Healthy and Safe
  • Healthy Travel Packing List
  • Travel Health Notices
  • After Your Trip

To learn more about the academic programs and courses that are available while studying abroad, please visit Luther's Study Abroad portion of this website.