Message to Luther Students Regarding Student Senate Elections and Community Building

To: Luther College students
From: Senate President, Collin Zollinger and Senate Vice President, Piper Wood
Re: Student Senate Elections and Community Building
Date: April 3, 2020

Dear fellow students,

We write to you as the leaders of Student Senate to remind you all that we are still a community and we will pull through this time of disruption and separation from our community. We recognize that all of our lives have been thrown into a new kind of chaos over the last few weeks. It is a strange new world that we did not know would exist, but are now facing every day.

It has, however, given us great joy to see the ways in which Luther students have already begun to build a new community in these uncertain times. Luther and the Decorah community are resilient, and the community that we have created at Luther lives beyond the physical places and spaces that we call home in Decorah. We will persevere, working together to strengthen this community, and whether by text, email, call, facetime, or ways yet to be created, we are here for one another and remain Luther strong. If you feel alone, remember, you are a part of this community and you are loved. Know that you are not alone, and you are now a part of something greater as you live through this unique moment in history. We will carry this event with us the rest of our lives, and we all have the opportunity to practice and further develop skills such as leadership, communication, resilience, and community building during this time.

Allow this event to define you in all of the best ways, use it, hold it close, and move forward as someone stronger, more resilient, and more innovative. This strange time is temporary, this will pass, but we understand that we have all lost special moments in this shuffle. Whether you are an athlete, musician, artist, researcher, or just someone who revelled in the joy that is Luther, you are moving forward with important parts of your Luther experience missing. While in our hearts we recognize the importance of this distance to ensure the safety and security of us all, that cannot replace the loss of these experiences. Recognize and process that pain, use it constructively, and exemplify what it means to be a Luther student. Look towards the Norse Creed, adopted by Student Senate in the Spring of 2018:

“I am a Luther Norse.

I am a citizen of the world.
I am inclusive and compassionate to all.
We value and recognize all faiths.
We are a diverse Community.

I engage in learning beyond my interests
I display integrity through my actions.
We hold ourselves and each other accountable.
We project Leadership.

I am determined to make the world sustainable.
I possess an open mind.
We show reverence for individuals.
We demonstrate Respect.

We are learning to be well-rounded people.
We are becoming more.
We Are Luther.”

It may feel like things have been put on hold, but we are still moving forward. Luther as an academic institution and place of belonging is still here for you. As we find creative solutions for this year, we are so excited to see what Luther students will do when we are all back together again.

Finding some normalcy in the midst of all this change is vital. Therefore, Student Senate will still be holding elections this semester. We want to give students the opportunity to step up, make change, and connect to the Luther College community. Attached you will find a link to the google form application to run in the elections, as well as the posted election guidelines (which include the schedule and timeline and rules for the election).

Do not forget that Luther is always here for you. To the seniors, remember you have a home to return to for the rest of your life. To all students, fully engage in your time as a student at Luther. Let’s finish this academic year strong. Seize every day. Live every moment to the fullest. Love one another. Spread joy and kindness. Soli Deo Gloria.

Senate President, Collin Zollinger
Senate Vice President, Piper Wood


Election Guidelines/Schedule

Election Application Form