Message to Luther Staff and Faculty on Staff Employment and Meal Benefit

To: Luther College staff and faculty
From: President Jenifer K. Ward
Re: Staff Employment and Meal Benefit
Date: April 1, 2020

Dear Luther Colleagues,

We are now used to hearing this era described as these challenging times or these uncertain days, etc. Both are most certainly accurate. And we are starting to hear expressions of concern about what the very real budget implications of this time might be, what enrollment will look like next year, or even whether we will be able to start on-campus operations at the scheduled time in the fall. I wish I had full and complete answers for you, but I don’t. No one does. The future is, indeed, uncertain.

What I can provide is some assurance for today. Luther College employees in good standing will continue to have their employment and benefits status, whether exempt or non-exempt, full time or part time, through the end of this fiscal year.

As a thank you to our employees who are required to work on campus by virtue of the nature of their roles, we will provide those individuals with one complimentary meal each work day starting on Monday, April 6, through the end of the semester. We will follow up with details for eligible employees.

There are many great programs, services, and facilities at Luther College. Every single one is made possible by the commitment of our people. Thank you for the agility you have shown in adapting to these new circumstances.

President Jenifer K. Ward