All students enrolled at Luther College may use Health Service. Full-time students (12 or more semester hours) are eligible for all benefits provided their health records are complete.

If a student withdraws, takes an academic leave-of-absence, or is no longer registered full time, all benefits are canceled.

Administrators, faculty, staff, and student spouses/dependents are not eligible for medical service.

Luther College Health Program

Health services are part of the comprehensive fee. Luther College assumes responsibility only for health care of students that can be provided on campus. There may be a charge for some services and supplies.

Services at Minimal

(prices subject to change)

  • Physician services: are provided on campus by local family practice physicians, Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistants. There is a $60.00 office visit to see one of the providers, there is no charge to see the Registered Nurse (R.N.) Students will be billed to their SPO using an "insurance ready" statement that can be submitted to their insurance companies; Health Service does not bill directly to students' health insurance companies. Due to the limited time (15-20 hours per week) these providers are available, priority must be given to students with an acute illness or serious injury. At times when the provider's schedule is full and the R.N. and/or student feels a provider evaluation should be done that day, a referral may be made to the Decorah Clinic or Gundersen Clinic or Family Care Clinic. Charges incurred for medical services provided off-campus are the responsibility of the student.
  • Nursing assessment: A registered nurse does the initial assessment for an illness or injury. No appointment is necessary. Priority is given to emergency care or an acute illness.
  • Birth Control: Information is provided on safe and effective use of available methods of contraception. Students may see one of the providers on campus for the well-women exam and prescription for contraceptives can be given. The emergency contraception pill is available in the Health Service for $30.
  • Medical/surgical supplies: Orthopedic appliances and dressings prescribed by a college physician, are dispensed at a reasonable charge.
  • Mental health: Students may find that the pressures and changes of college life cause periods of anxiety, frustration, or depression. R.N.s are often the first contact for someone with emotional problems. Referrals are made to the college physician or a college counselor when appropriate.
  • Pregnancy: R.N.s will do pregnancy testing upon request. An appointment may be scheduled with a college physician if necessary. Counseling is available regarding decisions about the course of a pregnancy.
  • Substance abuse counseling: Students who receive inpatient care for alcohol intoxication are required to meet with a college physician during regular office hours following the incident. If, in the opinion of the physician, further counseling is needed, a referral will be made to a college counselor or local mental health facility.
  • Sexually transmitted disease testing: Examination and collection of specimens may be done at Health Service. Fees will vary depending on tests ordered/requested . 
  • Confidential HIV testing and counseling: Available through Health Service, there is a fee of $19 for the HIV testing. Free information on all sexually transmitted diseases is available in the Health Service waiting room.

Fee for Service

  • Laboratory tests: Very few laboratory tests are done on campus. Specimens may be collected on campus and sent to Winneshiek Medical Center or a commercial laboratory for analysis. Charges for laboratory work done off-campus will be billed to the student. Rapid throat cultures are available for $20 each. Lab work ordered by an off-campus physician will have a $15 lab draw fee. Lab work ordered by an on-campus physician will have a $10 lab draw fee.
  • Allergy clinic: Allergy injections are given by a registered nurse when a college physician is present at the Health Service. Students are required to wait 30 minutes after an injection. Serum may be stored at Health Service. The student is responsible for maintaining an adequate supply of serum and a current schedule for injections. There is a $20 fee for one injection, and $25 for two or more.
  • Excision of lesion: Excision and/or treatment of skin lesions may be done at Health Service. Occasionally the student may be referred to a physician's private office for more extensive treatment. Sutures or stitches will be charged according to the procedures. Treatment is provided at the student's expense.
  • Gynecological exam: Well-woman examination is done by a physician or a nurse practitioner. Pap smear and STD tests are available. An appointment is required.
  • Immunizations: The Health Service offers routine immunizations as well as referral for those immunizations not available at Health Service and required for persons traveling outside the United States (Centers for Disease Control). There is a charge for each immunization.
  • Medications: Health Service does not have a pharmacy. A small quantity of over-the-counter and prescription medications are stocked and dispensed on order from a college physician. There is a charge for all medications dispensed. Please advise the physician at the time of service to provide a written prescription if you have health insurance coverage for medication. Prescriptions may be filled at a pharmacy of choice. Medication may not be returned once it has been dispensed. We have two local pharmacies that will deliver directly to Health Service: Donlon Pharmacy 563-382-2626, Thrifty White  563-382-8765 (formerly Medicap Pharmacy).
  • Physical examination: Routine physical examination and laboratory tests for employment, graduate school, insurance, study abroad, or other purposes may be done. There is a charge for these services.