Health Insurance

Luther College feels strongly that students should be covered under some form of health insurance. No one needs high medical bills added to the expense of a college education.

Due to the recent changes resulting from the Health Care Reform Act, the Department of Health and Human Services has ruled that student insurance policies must meet all the requirements of a regular health insurance plan. Unfortunately this has meant a significant increase in the cost of student health plans.

Because of the Health Care Reform Act and subsequent increase in the cost of the student health insurance plans, Luther College will not offer a sickness and accident insurance plan to students for the school year; therefore you will not see insurance fees from Financial Services on student statements.

Fortunately the Affordable Care Act allows students to stay on their parents health insurance policy through the age of 26 (through their 26th year). We hope all students will remain on their parents' policies, providing the parents have insurance. Please review your family health insurance policy to ensure the coverage is adequate to meet your student's health needs. If you belong to an HMO, be aware of restrictions and limitations for medical or pharmaceutical services provided outside your HMO area.

If your family does not have health insurance, we recommend your student get covered through a private plan. You can contact the following companies directly:

A&J Petersburg at 563-382-3627
Midwest Group Benefits at 563-382-9611
Associated Insurance Plans at 800-452-5772 Ext 1219

We are committed to the health and well being of Luther students and appreciate your partnership in making sure students have adequate insurance coverage. If you have questions, please call Melissa Bothun, Administrative Assistant, at Luther College Health Service, 563-387-1045.