Spiritual Pause Retreat Overview

You gave each of us time to think, to discuss with you, to ask our own questions, and most of all, to laugh! I also appreciated the time we had to read and/or review the book on our own. I love this kind of thing - reading and discussing a great spiritual/theological book, and I don't get too many opportunities to do that, at least not at the level provided in the Spiritual Pause session. Thanks to you for coming up with this brilliant idea. I know Spiritual Pause will be a continuing blessing to me and to the other participants. —Retreat Participant

The Spiritual Pause Retreats are open to newcomers to Grace Institute as well as to graduates of the two year Spiritual Formation Program. These retreats are intended as an opportunity to slow down, read, share, pray, converse, meditate in a group setting, and listen for God's leading. Participants will read and reflect with a few like minded persons on an insightful spiritual book read during the retreat. Each Spiritual Pause Retreat stands alone. A person may sign up for any one of them or all of them.

Spiritual Pause Retreat participants will share worship, body prayer, and meals with those in the two year Spiritual Formation Program, but Spiritual Pause participants will meet separately with a member of the Grace Institute staff.

Total cost of the retreat is $275, which covers six meals and a private room. Please complete the online form below. A $50 deposit is due two weeks in advance. The book should be purchased by the participants prior to the retreat. 

If interested email [email protected]