Program Goals

"The Grace Institute has been a transformational experience for me personally and professionally. I have been motivated to explore and deepen relationships with God and people. I have received tools for my head, my heart, and my hands for which I am deeply grateful." — Grace Institute Graduate

The Spiritual Formation Program of Grace Institute is designed to immerse participants in core Christian spiritual practices. The program brings the same people together four times a year for two years. Participants sign up for all eight sessions. 

Our main goals are threefold:

  • Deepen personal spiritual formation
  • Develop skills in leading small groups in Christian meditation and other spiritual practices
  • Equip clergy and lay leaders with practices for deepening congregational vitality

Note: Our program does not train people to be spiritual directors, so our focus is not on one-to-one listening, but on listening and leading in small groups.

Expected Benefits

  1. Personal spiritual growth
  2. Leadership skills in spiritual formation
  3. Strong communal support for intentional spiritual life
  4. Enhanced congregational unity through corporate discernment
  5. Strengthen congregational outreach
  6. Understand spiritual practices in Lutheran and ecumenical perspectives

"Grace Institute has gifted me with new refreshment of spirit and new strength in my faith and life as a servant of the Lord. I have deeply appreciated the amount of time, energy, effort, and love it takes for this to happen and for the creativity it requires to help people—really all of us to engage and intersect with one another. Thank you for all the prayers that have been prayed and all the deep listening that has occurred over these two years. Your collective commitment to pray and plan has helped us all feel the love of God in every aspect of this experience." — Grace Institute Graduate