Congregational Transformation Program and Covenant Form

A little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough. —Galatians 5:9

The Congregational Transformation Program aims to enrich and deepen the spiritual life of a congregation through shared contemplative practices. A Congregational Covenant will need to be submitted (online form below) for the church. The program offers a model of contemplative leadership to deepen the congregational practices of prayer, listening to Scripture and renewal in worship for service in God’s world. The core practice is the covenant group, a small group that meets periodically for personal sharing, attention to the Word, and prayer. The covenant group taps into the ordinary, yet effective power of the small house church fellowship of the earliest Christians.

In order for covenant groups to initiate significant impact on the common life of a congregation, for every 500 congregational members, there should be roughly three persons experienced in covenant group practice. These leaders may have been in Grace Institute’s Spiritual Formation Program or the Congregational Transformation Program. Participants in the Congregational Transformation Program will be in Grace Institute covenant groups that receive special guidance and experience tailored to use in their congregation. A Grace Institute staff coach will work closely with them in introducing and nurturing use of the covenant group and other contemplative practices in their own congregation.

Participants in the Congregational Transformation Program will need to complete the application process by submitting an application, seek a reference, and pay the $100 deposit.

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