Shalom Spirituality Center

"My goal for attending Grace was to find my way back to a relationship with God following the sudden death of my husband in 2008. That has happened, praise God! Grace allowed me the time and gave me the intentional space to continue journeying from grief to healing in a healthy way. For myself I am grateful. For my son and all who live with me in my daily round I am equally grateful, for they get to be with me as I've found joy again." — Grace Institute Graduate

All sessions are at Shalom Spirituality Center in Dubuque, Iowa. Shalom is a retreat center of the Franciscan sisters, and is located in a separate building on their large Mount St. Francis campus at the northeast edge of Dubuque. A walk about two blocks in length gives one a glimpse of the Mississippi River below. Shalom has the renovated chapel for worship and some presentations, smaller meeting rooms, and a lovely dining room arranged for table conversation. Each participant may have a private bedroom; couples may choose a double room. The food is very good.  In addition, retreatants are welcome to spend quiet time in the beautiful chapel in the main building of Mount St. Francis.

Shalom Spirituality Center is 95 miles from Madison, WI, 78 from Cedar Rapids, IA, 175 from Chicago, and 175 from Rochester, MN.