Course Topics

PSYC 130: General Psychology

An introduction to the field of psychology intended for both majors and non-majors. Topics covered include social processes, personality, emotional disorders, development, thinking, testing, learning, motivation, perception, psychobiology, and animal behavior.

PSYC 244: Animal Cognition

This course is an introduction to the study of cognition in animals, including how animals perceive, think, learn, remember, and communicate. We will explore these issues within both psychological and biological frameworks and will include topics such as evolution of intelligence, cognition as adaptation, animal consciousness, and language in apes. An emphasis on comparing animal cognitive processes to human cognition will be part of the course.

PSYC 249: Brain and Behavior

This course will explore the biological basis of behavior through the fields of behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. The focus is on how the brain regulates human behavior, with emphasis on particular psychological topics such as developmental processes, perceptual processes, learning and memory, motivation and emotion, thinking, and disorders; as well as biological topics such as neural communication, neuroanatomy, and neurophysiology. Recent research is discussed in terms of its applications to understanding human behavior and brain disorders.

PSYC 354: Learning and Behavioral

A study of the basic theories, methodology, and findings in the areas of classical and operant conditioning and learning for both humans and animals. Applications, including behavioral modification, will be emphasized throughout the course. Lecture, discussion, and weekly laboratories.