Course Topics

ECON 130 Principles of Economics
An introduction to the uses of economic theory in the analysis of problems emergent in large societies. Specific topics include consumer choice, decision making by firms in price taking and price searching situations, and inflation and aggregate employment analysis.

ECON 247 Interm Economic Theory: Macro
Analysis of the factors influencing the aggregate level of national income, employment, and inflation from a variety of perspectives, including the post-Keynesian.

ECON 342 Intro to Econometrics
Econometrics is the use of statistical methods in economic research. This is an applied, rather than a theoretical, course. It also places econometrics in a wider context, studying where it is, and where it is not, appropriate as a research tool. Thus, the course provides an introduction to economic research methods in general.

ECON 361 Money, Credit, and Banking
Development of the monetary and banking system. Nature and functions of monetary theories and policy.

ECON 366 Public Finance
Economic analysis of activity undertaken through government, mainly in the areas of social insurance and taxation. For each program and policy we ask what might be expected on theoretical grounds, and follow up by examining the empirical record.