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Legacy Scholarships listed alphabetically by donor


Scott R. Addington—Dick and Immy Young Scholarship

Roger W. and Amme Anderson—Dr. Roger W. and Amme E. Anderson Endowed Scholarship

Anonymous—Nan's Scholarship

Barbara (Kleene) and Daniel Babine—Babine Family Scholarship

Charles and Ann (Christensen) Beatty Family—Global Learning Scholarship

Marion '73 and Peggy (Hall) Beatty '73—Marion and Peggy Beatty Family Scholarship

Douglas Boleen '74 and Christine Wollan '76—Wollan-Boleen Family Scholarship

Alvin “Bud” and Marion Brekken—The Brekken Family Scholarship

Duane and Eileen Bruening—Murphy Scholarship

The Class of 1967—Class of 1967 Scholarship

The Class of 1975—Class of 1975 Scholarship

The Class of 1977—Class of 1977 Scholarship

The Class of 1976—Class of 1976 Scholarship

The Class of 1979—Class of 1979 Scholarship

The Class of 1981—Class of 1981 Scholarship

The Class of 1983—Class of 1983 Scholarship

The Class of 1989—Class of 1989 Scholarship

The Class of 1990—Class of 1990 Scholarship

The Class of 1992—Class of 1992 Scholarship

The Class of 1993—Class of 1993 Scholarship

Bryan W. and Peggy L. Ettestad—Ettestad Family Scholarship

Family and Friends of +Colin Farbotko '00—Colin Farbotko Memorial Scholarship

James and Judith (Larson) Fogdall—James S. and Judith L. Fogdall Scholarship

Becky Franklin—The Internship in Visual Arts Scholarship

Phyllis Gray—Alma Everlyn Gray Study Abroad Scholarship

Dayton and Amy Henderson—Rev. Wayne and Ruth Henderson Scholarship

Family and Friends of +Kermit Hendrickson '48—Kermit Hendrickson Low Brass Lesson Scholarship

Fay Henning-Bryant and Delano Bryant—Fay M. Henning-Bryant Concert Band International Touring Scholarship

Lois M. Hill—The Lois Hill Studies Abroad Scholarship


Dale and Marlys Jackson—Jackson Family Scholarship

David '83 and Kari (Hermeier) Jensen '83—Jensen/Hermeier Family Scholarship in Education

Robert Jones—Darlene (Peterson) Jones and Robert Jones Scholarship

Fred and Stephanie Koch—Hanson-Koch Scholarship

Eric and Jennifer Lahaie—Eric and Jennifer Lahaie Study Abroad Scholarship

Ronald T. Lee and Marie Bender—Lee Family Music Scholarship

Paul and Justine Lionberger—The R. Justine and Paul H. Lionberger Scholarship

Lorri Jo Lobeck '80 and David Shelstad—Lobeck and Shelstad Scholarship

James '85 and Martha (Anderson) Looft '83—Dr. Ronald and Lorna Anderson Scholarship

Luther College Veterans—LC Alumni Veterans Association Scholarship

Family of +Ron Martinson '57—Reverend Ron Martinson Memorial Scholarship

Dennis and Nancee Melin—Dennis and Nancee Melin Music Scholarship

Deborah Norland, Floyd Hart—The Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission Scholarship

Estate of Verlaine E. Mohler—The John Mohler Scholarship fund

Nottingham Program Alumni and Friends—Nottingham Alumni Scholarship

Family and Friends of James Nussle—James Nussle Leadership Scholarship

Marney Olson '99, Terry Olson and Jane Bagstad—Johanna Olson Memorial Scholarship

The Pribbenow Family—Pribbenow Family Scholarship

Paul and Janet Quello—Thorpe, Ylvisaker, Kloster, Running, and Quello Scholarship


Terry Rasmussen '67—James Rasmussen Family Scholarship

William '03 and Lisa Reece—William M. and Lisa Reece Endowed Scholarship

Walter W. and Nancy L. Roach—Walter and Nancy Roach Scholarship

Elisabeth (Marvin) '00 and Shane Sandersfeld—Sandersfeld Endowed Scholarship

Joel Spoonheim '92 and Lani Willis '94—Spoonheim-Willis Scholarship

James and Sue Symonds—Symonds-Capretz Scholarship

Gaylord and Diane Thormodsgard—Thormodsgard Endowed Scholarship

Hans and Kristen Ulland—Ulland Scholarship

Joseph and Greer Whitters—Rudolf-Whitters Accounting Scholarship

Aaron Wrobleski and Kristin Kahle-Wrobleski—Aaron Wrobleski and Kristin Kahle-Wrobleski Endowed Scholarship

Enwei Xie and Lynn Tonglao—Xie Family Scholarship for Global Experience

Family and Friends of †Maren Zabel '99—Maren (Aune) Zabel Art Scholarship

† deceased