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Legacy Scholarships listed alphabetically by donor


Warren '48 and Jan (Reid) Berg '49 - Jan Reid Berg Art Scholarship

Warren '48 and Jan (Reid) Berg '49 - Warren G. Berg Economics and Business Scholarship

Douglas Boleen '74 and Christine Wollan '76 - Wollan-Boleen Family Scholarship

Ann Bolinger and Elizabeth Bolinger '03 - Dr. Ann Highum Scholarship

The Class of 1967 - Class of 1967 Scholarship

The Class of 1969 - Class of 1969 Scholarship

The Class of 1983 - Class of 1983 Scholarship

The Class of 1984 - Class of 1984 Scholarship

The Class of 1990 - Class of 1990 Scholarship

The Class of 1992 - Class of 1992 Scholarship

The Class of 1993 - Class of 1993 Scholarship

The Class of 1994 - Class of 1994 Scholarship

Shannon (Miller) '95 and DeLane Duval - Shannon (Miller) and DeLane Duval Scholarship 

Roger and Carolyn Eigenfeld - Roger C. and Carolyn J. Eigenfeld Scholarship

Lois Hill '85 - Lois Hill Studies Abroad Scholarship


David '83 and Kari (Hermeier) Jensen '83 - Jensen/Hermeier Family Scholarship in Education

Orv and Kathy Johnson - Orville and Kathleen Johnson Regents' Promise Scholarship

Blanche Kangas - Blanche Y. Kangas Scholarship

Kerry Knodle '72 - Kerry Knodle Scholarship for Percussion

The Kuh Family - Kuh Family "Positively Luther" Award

Jennifer (Filteau) '99 and Eric Lahaie '00 - Eric and Jennifer Lahaie Study Abroad Scholarship

Elaina Lee '94 - Lee Family Scholarship

Ronald Lee '62 and Marie Bender-Lee - Lee Family Music Scholarship

Douglas Lohafer '77 - Ole G. Landsverk Scholarship

Alumni and Friends - Luther College Rochester Semester Scholarship

Alumni and Friends - Luther College Symphony Orchestra Vienna Residency Scholarship

Paul '79 and C. Elise (Barton) Mullen '80 - Emersyn Ann Mullen Memorial Scholarship in Nursing

The Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission - Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission Scholarship

Alumni of the Nottingham Program - Nottingham Alumni Scholarship

The Family of Johanna Olson '01 - Johanna Olson Memorial Scholarship

Family and Friends of Susan Osheim '71 - Susan L. Osheim Memorial Scholarship

Karen (Nilsestuen) Peterson '65 - Nilsestuen-Peterson Family Scholarship

The Pribbenow Family - Pribbenow Family Scholarship


Robert '68 and Dell Ann (Kappus) Sathe '68 - Sathe Scholars Opportunity Scholarship

Robert '68 and Dell Ann (Kappus) Sathe '68 - Sathe Scholars Promise Scholarship

Robert '68 and Dell Ann (Kappus) Sathe '68 - Sathe Scholars Study Abroad Scholarship

Judith Schroeder '69 - Judith Schroeder '69 and Robert Suarez Scholarship

Anjela Shutts '93 and Peter Kitundu - Anjela Shutts and Peter Kitundu Scholarship

Susan Sorlien '73 and Kara (Skatrud) Baylor '92 - Audrey (Hanson) Sorlien and Marilyn (Sorlien) Skatrud Scholarship for Flute

Roy Storts - Roy L. Storts Scholarship

Jeanette (Bialas) '74 and Jonathan Strandjord - Edward and Stephen Bialas Scholarship

Joan (Catlin) '63 and David Totten - Catlin-Totten Study Away Scholarship

Sigrid Vaaler - Otto and Sigrid Vaaler Scholarship

Alumni and Friends of Jeff Wettach '79 - Jeff Wettach Scholarship

Aaron Wrobleski '99 and Kristin Kahle-Wrobleski '99 - Aaron Wrobleski and Kristin Kahle Wrobleski Endowed Scholarship