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Erik Paulsen, Lori Paulsen, Karolina Paulsen, Kai Paulsen—Paulsen Family Scholarship

J. Robert and Barbara Paulson—Bob and Barb Paulson Family Scholarship

Lynn '76 and Ruth (Hanna) Paulson '78—Ruth and Lynn Paulson Academic Scholarship

Estate of Erven and Marie Pederson—Erven and Marie Pederson Scholarship in Music

†Carl W. Petersen—Carl W. Petersen Scholarship

Betty and Merle Peterson—Wanberg Family Scholarship

Gregory Peterson and Ann Sponberg Peterson—Peterson Scholarship

Hamlet '54 and Suzanne Peterson—Hamlet and Suzanne Peterson Scholarship

Helen L. and Jack F. Hustad, Hamlet and Suzanne Peterson, Luther D. and Shelley L. Peterson—Hamlet E. and Thelma Peterson Memorial Scholarship

Lowell '58 and Mary Peterson—Dr. Lowell and Mary Peterson Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Roger Peterson—Roger W. and Colleen F. Peterson Church Relations Scholarship

†Walter R. Peterson—Doris H. Peterson Memorial Scholarship

David and Ann Preus—David and Ann Preus Scholarship

†Florence Preus—Herman A. and Florence N. Preus Endowment Fund for Scholarships in the Humanities

†J.C.K. and †Dikka Brandt Preus—Margrethe and Rolf Preus Memorial Scholarship

The Family of †Magdalene Forde Preus—Forde-Preus Music Scholarship

†Lucile Brickner Brown Price—Lucile Brickner Brown Price Scholarship

Friends and Classmates of †Norb Pruisner—Norbert Pruisner Memorial Scholarship


†Orlando W. and †Clara P. Qualley—Orlando W. and Clara P. Qualley Classical Scholarship

Osmund and Phyllis Quandahl—Quandahl Food Ranch Scholarship

Paul and Janet Quello—Thorpe, Ylvisaker, Kloster, Running, and Quello Scholarship


Estate of Melvin Rasmussen—Melvin A. Rasmussen Scholarship

Leonard and Mavis Rathjen—Dennis R. Rathjen Memorial Music Scholarship

Reader’s Digest Foundation—Reader's Digest Foundation Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Herbert J. Rebassoo—Herbert J. Rebassoo Scholarship

The †Dale Moen and †Duane B. Reinhart Families—Frederick W. Moen Communications Scholarship

Alan and Heidi Reitz—Sartell, Minnesota, Area Scholarship Fund

Family and Friends of Nicolas Remfrey—Nicolas Remfrey Memorial Scholarship

†Alvin S. and †Velma Renaas—Alvin S. and Velma Renaas Scholarship

Alumni and Friends of James Rhodes—The James Rhodes Political Science Internship Endowment

Helen R. Rice—Edward W. Dosh Memorial Scholarship

Sally Richardson and †Helen Wooster—James and Helen Wooster Scholarship

†Clara B. Riveland—Irving L. Riveland Science Scholarship

Daniel and Marilyn Rivers—The Daniel and Marilyn Rivers Mathematics Scholarship

Lucile M. Roberts, Mary Margaret Roberts, and Ruth E. Peacock—Thomas R. Roberts, Jr., and Henrietta Vikesland Roberts Scholarship, Thomas R. Roberts Memorial Scholarship

Janet B. Robertson—The Robertson Family Scholarship

Marti and William Rodamaker—First Citizens Foundation Scholarship

Milton and †Dorothy Roelfs—Freeman and Marie Hoffland Sampson Scholarship

Louise Rolfs—The Dorothy Y. Emmons Elementary Education Scholarship

†George Lyon and †William Ronan—William P. Ronan Scholarship

†Joseph C. Rood—Kristen Johansen Rood Scholarship

Robert L. and Lucille Rosholt—Herman and Olga Hage Rosholt Scholarship, Lucille Stansberry Rosholt Distinction in Accompanying and Collaborative Keyboard Performance Award, Lucille Stansberry Rosholt Scholarship in Music, Robert L. Rosholt Scholarship in Political Science

David and Joy Roslien—Roslien Family Scholarship

The Rotto Family—Rotto Family Scholarship

Jeff and Marilyn Roverud—Jeff and Marilyn Roverud Family Scholarship in the Humanities

Uwe Rudolf and Ruth Caldwell—Uwe Rudolf and Ruth Caldwell Studies Abroad Scholarship

Family and Friends of Orville Running—O.M. Running Art Scholarship

The Family and Friends of Loyal and Marilyn Rue—Loyal and Marilyn Rue Scholarship

Steven M. Runde—Karl Runde Memorial Scholarship

Orville M. Running—Marjorie Olney Running Memorial Scholarship, Mildred L. Lund Scholarship


Paul D. Sabby—Leland and Ida Sabby Scholarship

Members of St. John Lutheran Church, Bellevue, Iowa—St. John Lutheran Church Scholarship

†Oliver C. Sand—Jacob and Tina Sand Memorial Scholarship

Robert and Dell Ann Sathe—Robert and Dell Ann Sathe Family Scholarship

Robert H. and Avis I. Savre—Harold K. Savre Scholarship

Steven Schaver and Asunta Eizaguirre—Steven B. Schaver Spanish Studies Scholarship

Corey and Tanya Schmidt—Tonya and Corey Schmidt Study Abroad Scholarship

Chris Schneider/Honda Motorwerks—Honda Motorwerks of La Crosse Scholarship

Jack L. and Helen E. Schultz—Schultz Family Scholarship

Helen Schweizer, Friends and Family of Edsel Schweizer—Edsel and Helen Schweizer Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Matthew Schwendeman—Matthew Schwendeman Memorial Scholarship

Estate of William Seabold—William G. Seabold Scholarship

Ronald J. Seaver—Ronald Seaver Music Endowed Scholarship

†Anne Seltzer—Dave and Ann Seltzer Scholarship Fund

†Vernon Serfling—Mildred and Vernon Serfling Endowed Scholarship

†Edgar T. and †Gerda Sersland—Sersland-Nelson Family Scholarship

Alumni and Friends for Luther College—Sesquicentennial Scholarship Fund

Alumni and Friends of Luther College—Sesquicentennial Study Abroad Scholarship

Stephen C. and Katie M. Sheppard—Richard L. and Margaretha Sheppard Scholarship

Estate of Chester E. Simonson—Sadie Simonson Memorial Art Scholarship

Members of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin—Pastor Roger and Marilyn Skatrud Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Phil Skattum—Skattum Memorial Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Jessa Slostad—Jessa Kay Slostad Memorial Scholarship

†Floyd and Mary Lou Sollien—Floyd S. and Mary Lou Sollien Natural History Scholarship

Tex A. Sordahl—T. Albon and Gladys E. Sordahl Scholarship

Estate of Ingvald B. and Helen C. Sorensen—Ingvald B. and Helen C. Sorensen Memorial Scholarship

Family and Estate of Morris A. Sorenson, Sr.—Morris A. Sorenson Family Scholarship

†Arne R. Sorlien and Susan Sorlien—Sorlien Family Scholarship

Terry A. and Suzanne A. Sorom—Terry and Suzanne Sorom Scholarship

†Carleton Sperati—Dr. Carlo A. Sperati Memorial Music Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Carleton Sperati—Carleton A. Sperati Memorial Scholarship

Joel Spoonheim '92 and Lani Willis '94—Spoonheim-Willis Scholarship

†Knute and †Cathinka Stalland—Knute D. and Cathinka P. Stalland Scholarship

Estate of Gretchen Stearns—John Iron Stearns Scholarship

†Olai and †Caroline Steen—Olai and Caroline Steen Scholarship

†Maynord I. Steensgard—Maynord I. Steensgard Education Scholarship

Estate of Halberta Steensland—Halberta Steensland Scholarship

Estate of Ruth Steinmetz—Ruth Steinmetz Endowed Scholarship, Ruth Steinmetz-Global Learning Scholarship

Estate of Genevieve E. Stelberg—Genevieve E. Stelberg Scholarship

Jon and Rebecca Stellmacher—James M. Stellmacher Scholarship

Steven and Carmen R. Stenhaug—Steven and Carmen Stenhaug Scholarship

Scott and Laura Stevens—Scott and Laura Stevens Endowed Scholarship

Karen and Mark Stuart—Mathews Family Scholarship

Tim and Carol Barth Stoddard—Tim and Carol Barth Stoddard Scholarship

Dean R. and Nancy K. Berkas, James K. and Mary Oppermann, John W. and Jane Stoneman—William and Muriel Stoneman Family Scholarship

†Roy L. Storts—Dorothy Storts Scholarship

Marilyn J. Bohl, Mike and Arline Walter—Helen A. Strand Scholarship

Sarah E. Strandjord—Strandjord Family Scholarship Fund

Ryan Stroschein—Ryan Stroschein Computer Science Achievement Scholarship

Family and Friends of †George and †Arline Strum—Reverend George and Arline Strum Memorial Scholarship

Eleanor C. Studier—Martin H. Studier Memorial Scholarship

†Harold and †Lucille Svanoe—Harold and Lucille Svanoe Scholarship

Robert and June Swenson—Robert and June Swenson Scholarship

Estate of Ida Swensrud—Hannah and Ida Swensrud Memorial Scholarship

James and Sue Symonds—Symonds-Capretz Scholarship

† deceased