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Family and Friends of †Christopher Martinat—Christopher Martinat Memorial Scholarship

Family of +Ron Martinson '57—Reverend Ron Martinson Memorial Scholarship

Ronald and Marilyn Martinson—Bernhard and Eleanor Lokensgard Scholarship, Melvin and Ethel Martinson Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Ellen Knudson Mather—Ellen Knudson Mather Music Scholarship

Paul R. and Miri K. Mattson—Paul and Miri Mattson Scholarship

Anne (Mattson) '84 and Mitch McAnallen—Anne and Mitch McAnallen Scholarship

Family, Friends, and Former Athletes of Jay and Kay L. McGrew—Jay and Kay McGrew Endowed Scholarship

Family and Friends of Martha Meade—Martha Genevieve Meade Memorial Scholarship

John '70 and Barbara Melin, Bennett Melin—Melin International Studies Scholarship

John '70 and Barbara Melin, Bennett Melin—Melin-Brownell International Studies Scholarship

David and Patricia Meyer—David and Patricia Meyer Family Scholarship

Paula R. and Kurtis L. Meyer, Friends and Family of Kristi—Kristi Lee Hermeier Scholarship

Midwest Benefits—Midwest Group Benefits, Inc., Scholarship

Bradley '86 and Jane (Dahlen) Miller '86—Dahlen-Miller Family Scholarship

†Edward C. and †Constance M. Miller—Edward C. and Constance M. Miller Family Scholarship

Suzanne and Corey Mineck—Mineck Endowed Scholarship Fund

†Robert C. Moen—Mrs. Robert C. Moen Music Scholarship

†Stanley T. F. Moen—Dr. Stanley T. F. Moen Scholarship

Estate of Violet M. Moen—Harland T. Moen Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Verlaine E. Mohler—The John Mohler Scholarship fund

Martin Mohr and Mary Lou Hull Mohr—John and Mabel Bale Scholarship

Estate of Tilmar A. Moilien—Anne Lee Moilien Memorial Scholarship

†Tilmar Moilien—Jerrold L. Moilien Scholarship, David Theodore Nelson Memorial Scholarship, Oscar L. Olson Scholarship, William P. Sihler Memorial Scholarship, Carl W. Strom Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Duane Monette—The Duane R. Monette Scholarship

Bjorn K. Monson and Margot Monson and †Eunice Monson—Leonard J. Monson Memorial Medical Scholarship

The †Leif, †Paul, and Luther Monson Families—Herman W. and Hulda Monson Scholarship

Thomas J. and Ann D. Monson—John H. Monson Endowed Fund for International Education

Family of †Lennis Moore—The Lennis Moore Art Scholarship

†Mary Jane Moore, Don R. Moore II, and Richard Moore—Don R. and Mary Jane Moore Memorial Scholarship

†Alida Motland—Alida Motland Music Scholarship

Estate of Ingolf Motland—Ingolf Motland Scholarship

Tom and Jean Murray—Murray-Snyder Family Scholarship

†Ray and †Betty Musgrave and Michael K. Musgrave—Ray D. and Betty J. Musgrave Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Paul Myklebust—Paul L. Myklebust Memorial Scholarship


Roselle K. Naeseth—Erling Naeseth Memorial Scholarship

†Duane and Phyllis Nedrud—Kilness Scholarship

Connie (Jolstad) Nelson '60—Connie Jolstad Nelson Scholarship

Corinne L. and Harland S. Nelson—Harland and Corinne Nelson Scholarship

Cy and Ramona (Feller) Nelson—Jana Elizabeth Nelson Memorial Scholarship

David T. Nelson and Betty Rikansrud Nelson—Andrea Nelson and Kathryn Nelson Endowed Scholarship

The Family of David T. Nelson—The Nelson Scholarship

Glenn Nelson and Mary Jane Borelli—Jane Borelli Scholarship in Classics, Glenn I. Nelson Endowed Scholarship, Solveig Lee Nelson Music Scholarship

Estate of Joy Nelson—Joy and Elizabeth Nelson Scholarship

†Justin and †Milly Nelson— Justin A. and Milly M. Nelson Scholarship

†M. Joyce Nelson—Dr. Martin J. Nelson Scholarship

Estate of Ole A. Nelson—Ole A. Nelson Endowed Scholarship

Members of the Roald and Ruth Nelson Family—Nelson Family Scholarship

Virginia Nelson—Albin J. and Tillie M. Nelson Memorial Scholarship

†Oberlin B. and †Ethel E. Nereson—Oberlin B. and Ethel E. Nereson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Luther P. and Marilyn Nervig—Donald L. and Sylvia Schmid, Casper B. and Nora J. Nervig Scholarship

Douglas and Rebecca Neve—Neve Family Scholarship

Estate of Ronald Newman—Ronald C. Newman Scholarship

Dale and Sunny Nimrod—Dale and Sunny Nimrod Family Endowed Scholarship

Weston Noble—Weston Noble Music Scholarship

Colleagues, Friends, and Students of Weston Noble—Weston Noble Anniversary Scholarship

Stephen and Kari Noltner—Stephen W. and Kari M. Noltner Scholarship

Family of †Charles Norby—Charles H. Norby Scholarship

†Emma and †Nora Nordgaard—G. N. Nordgaard Family Endowed Scholarship

Alan V. and Linda Nordhem; Willis I. and Nadyne Nordhem—Nordhem Family Scholarship

†Hildred O. and Franklin C. Norman—Franklin C. and Hildred O. Kronlokken Norman Scholarship

Chip and Jari Norris—The Chip and Jari Norris Endowed Leadership Scholarship

Neal and Gerry Nottleson—Neal and Gerry Nottleson Scholarship

Family and Friends of James Nussle—James Nussle Leadership Scholarship

Marvin T. Nystrom—Marvin T. Nystrom Scholarship


Fran and Miriam Odden—Fran and Miriam Strum Odden Scholarship

†Beverly Gross Oebser—Landis Gross Scholarship

Lee and Marsha Olch—Reginald D. Laursen Mathematics Scholarship

†Anna Margrethe Olsen—Anders Christian Olsen and Anna Reisetter Olsen Scholarship

Conway and Katherine Olson—David G. Olson '76 Scholarship

Estate of Ella L. Olson—Clifford O. Olson Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Grace Olson—Hans and Grace Olson Memorial Scholarship

The Family and Friends of †Leon Olson—Leon Olson Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Marion L. Olson—Marion L. Olson Scholarship

Estate of Myrtle Olson—Myrtle Olson Memorial Scholarship

†Owen L. and †Helen R. Olson—Owen L. and Helen R. Olson Scholarship

Estate of Ronald D. Olson—Ronald D. Olson Endowed Scholarship for European History

Estate of Marie Louise Halvorsen Gibson Olsson—Marie Louise Halvorsen Gibson Olsson Scholarship, Reverend Nils Edwin Halvorsen Scholarship

Estate of Iver A. Opstad—Iver A. Opstad Scholarship

Estate of Sandra L. Osler—The Osler Education Scholarship

Estate of Connie L. Osmundson—Gudrun Lyngaas Osmundson Scholarship for Excellence in Nursing

Mark and Jan Watson, and †Louise Osmundson—Jarl L. (Jay) Osmundson Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Lucille A. Ostermann—Ostermann Family Scholarship

Estate of Maud E. Otjen—Maud E. Otjen Scholarship

The Family of †Dr. Edwin L. Overholt—Overholt Family Scholarship

Duane and Denay Oyen—Rose and Burton Oyen Nursing/Health Care Scholarship

† deceased