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†Vernon and Mary Ellen Iverson—Iverson Scholarship, Charlotte B. Schilling Grue Scholarship


Family and Friends of †Robert S. Jacobsen—Robert S. Jacobsen Scholarship

†Reuben and †May Jacobson, Estate of Herbert Jacobson—Jacobson Endowed Memorial Scholarship

†Thomas F. and †Frances M. James—Thomas F. and Frances M. James Scholarship

Estate of Floyd Jensen—Floyd and Ragna Jensen Scholarship

Estate of Martin and Avis Jenson—Jenson Music Scholarship

Estate of Carl Arthur Jessen—Carl Arthur Jessen Scholarship

Estate of Anna S. Johnson—Leon A. and Anna S. Johnson Endowed Scholarship

David L. and Karen E. Johnson—Erik Paul Nils Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Ervin W. and Phyllis Johnson—Maynard E. Aaker and George C. Strum Scholarship

Glen M. and Kathy L. Johnson—Glen M. and Kathryn L. Johnson Scholarship

Darlene and Robert Jones—The Hiram Peterson Memorial Scholarship

Family, Colleagues, and Friends of †Dennis Miears Jones—Dennis Miears Jones Endowed Fund for English

Jonathan and Sandra Joppa—Jon and Sandee (Neitzel) Joppa Scholarship

†Leigh D. Jordahl—Lois Valborg and Leigh D. Jordahl Scholarship

Estate of Clarence Jordalen—Dr. Marion J. Jordalen Scholarship

Douglas and Wendy Jordan; Lynne L. and Bradley J. Enerson—Marlin and Lillian Jordan Music Scholarship

Jorgenson Family Members—Gerald A. and Agnes M. Jorgenson Family Scholarship

Estate of Betty Juhasz—Andrew O. Anderson Memorial Scholarship


†Herman and †Winifred Kaasa—Kaasa Family Scholarship Fund

Elizabeth Kaschins—Edward A. Kaschins Endowed Scholarship in Economics, Accounting, or Management

Gordon Kasel and Monica Ike Kasel—The Monica Ike Kasel and Gordon F. Kasel Music Scholarship

†Don and Jane Kemp and Anna M. and Russell Norris—Dorothy (Bonnell) and Russell Ziemer Endowed Scholarship, Anna (Kemp) and Russell Norris Endowed Scholarship

The Family of †Don Kemp—Don Kemp Memorial Social Work Scholarship

Estate of Linka C. Kempf—Linka C. Kempf Music Scholarship

John and Karen Kerndt—John and Karen Kerndt Family Scholarship

Alice J. Kienberger-Iverson—Hogenson Family Scholarship

The Kintzinger Family—Kintzinger Scholarship Fund, Jeld-Wen Scholarship, Willie and Denise Davismckennie Scholarship, Outstanding Women in Math/Statistics Scholarship

Douglas P. and Shelly L. Kintzinger—John Garwood Endowed Scholarship

Elsie Kittleson—C. Dean and Elsie L. Kittleson Family Scholarship

Fred and Stephanie Koch—Hanson-Koch Scholarship

A. Thomas and Janice Kraabel —Kraabel Family Scholarship

Stephen and Susan Kraabel—Stephen and Susan Kraabel Actuarial Scholarship

Dennis and Corinne Anderson and Dennis and Holly Kruger—Philip and Jodi (Anderson) Kruger Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Delores Kudej—Merle and Delores Kudej Scholarship

George Kuh—Kuh Family Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Kristi Buckneberg Kuh—Kristi Buckneberg Kuh Memorial Scholarship

David and Camille Kundert—David and Camille Kundert Leadership Scholarship

Mary Kust, Michael and Amy Kust—Robert R. Kust Memorial Family Scholarship


Estate of Amanda O. Langemo—Amanda O. Langemo Scholarship

David E. and Julie L. Larson—David and Julie Larson Scholarship

Estate of Donald Larson—Donald Larson Memorial Scholarship

†Edson and Margaret Larson—C. Norman Brunsdale Endowed Scholarship

†Edward and Lorraine Larson—Edward N. and Lorraine E. Larson Family Fund

Estate of Laura Larson—Alf B. and Laura J. Larson Scholarship

O. Dale and Patricia Larson—Oscar and Betha Larson Endowed Scholarship

†Charlotte Lee—Robert H. Lee Endowed Scholarship

James M. and Catherine Lee, Vivian A. Lee—Brianne Lee Spanish Award

Judy Parker-Leith, and Donald and Joyce Leith—Scott D. Leith Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Malinda Letsch—Malinda Letsch Scholarship

James W. and Martha E. Limburg—James and Martha Limburg Luther College Concert Band Scholarship

Ellen Lindop—Ellen I. Lindop Scholarship

Willard and Yvonne Linnevold, Rebecca D. and Robert D. Shaw—Willard and Yvonne Linnevold Scholarship in Music

Paul and Justine Lionberger—James O. and Katharine Holum Music Scholarship, Anna (Storaasli) Lionberger Memorial Scholarship

Paul and Justine Lionberger—The R. Justine and Paul H. Lionberger Scholarship

Lorri Jo Lobeck '80 and David Shelstad—Lobeck and Shelstad Scholarship

Catherine Lomen-Hoerth, Connie Lomen—The David O. Lomen Scholarship in Mathematics & Science

†Richard and Doris Lomen—Ellen Lomen Memorial Scholarship

James R. and Martha Loof—The Richard and Elaine Looft Scholarship

†Robert and †Muriel Lounsberry—Robert H. and Muriel C. Lounsberry Scholarship

James and Janis Lovell—Lovell Family Scholarship

Estate of Lloyd and Susie Loven—Lloyd R. and Susie L. Loven Scholarship

Russell P. and Juanita J. Loven—Loven-Zeman Family Scholarship

David, Gary, and Robert Lubben—Lawrence and Betty Lubben Scholarship

Warren Luckner and Mary Carr Luckner—Huseby-Luckner Scholarship

Estate of Kenneth A. Lueder—Kenneth A. Lueder Scholarship in Mathematics

Luther College Alumni and Friends—Friends of International Touring Scholarship, Sylvia Gift Nabukeera Scholarship, Timothy and Sandra Peter Music Leadership Award

Luther College Board of Regents—H. George and Jutta F. Anderson Scholarship

Luther College Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Friends—Cultural and Racial Diversity Scholarship, Luther Community Scholarship, R. Clark Mallam Memorial Scholarship

Luther College Woman's Club—Luther College Woman's Club Endowed Scholarship

Lutheran Brotherhood—Lutheran Brotherhood Fund for Lutheran Students

Dale and Kathleen Lyndahl—Kay and Dale Lyndahl Scholarship

† deceased