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Family and Friends of †Virginia Baker Faldet—Virginia Baker Faldet Memorial Scholarship

Family and Friends of +Colin Farbotko '00—Colin Farbotko Memorial Scholarship

E.D. and Helen H. Farwell—Farwell Endowed Scholarship, Ruth Mostrom Scholarship for International Students

Alumni and Friends of E.D. Farwell—E. D. Farwell Presidential Scholarship

Burger King Corporation—Michael Feldmann, Michael T. Feldmann Burger King Corporation Scholarship

†Oliver C. Ferguson—Oliver C. Ferguson Endowed Scholarship

James Field—Jim Field Scholarship

Kent and Lois Finanger—Kent and Lois Finanger Endowed Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Lucia Finanger—Lucia H. and Kent E. Finanger Scholarship

†Violet Fiskerbeck, Elizabeth Fiskerbeck Bruening, Ardis Fiskerbeck Christen—Victor A. Fiskerbeck Memorial Scholarship

†C.A. Fjeldstad, Jr.—C. Alford Fjeldstad, Jr., Scholarship

Bob '66 and Lynne Fjelstul—Lillian Fjelstul Scholarship

Tim and Janet Fleming—Jan and Tim Fleming Scholarship

Larry C. and Marilyn Fogdall—A. N. and Florence B. Fogdall Endowed Scholarship

Doyle and Evelyn Fosso—Ida M. and Olaf J. Fosso Prize in American History

James and Judith (Larson) Fogdall—James S. and Judith L. Fogdall Scholarship

Ron and Carole Fox—Dr. Ronald and Carole Fox Music Scholarship

John '68 and Deborah (Lynam) Franke '69—Deborah '69 and John '68 Franke Scholarship

†Ronald '61 and Karen (Paulson) Fretheim '63—Ronald L. Fretheim Family Scholarship

Terence '56 and Faith (Luzum) Fretheim '56—Terence E. and Faith L. Fretheim Scholarship for Environmental Studies and the Care of Creation

Family and Friends of †James Friedlund—D. C. Friedlund Family Scholarship

Alumni and Friends of Luther College—The Richard and Judith Torgerson Scholarship and The Judy Torgerson Study Abroad Scholarship

L. Eliel and Marion Fritz—Charles A. Fritz Memorial Scholarship

†Ivern Frost—Gerhard E. Frost Scholarship

Helene Furst - Helene Furst Endowed Scholarship


B. C. Gamble and P. W. Skogmo Foundation—Gamble-Skogmo Endowed Scholarship

Richard and Lorraine Gandrud—Richard and Lorraine Gandrud Scholarship

Spencer and Patricia Gedestad—Spencer A. Gedestad Endowed Scholarship

Estate of Mabel Gesley—Torrie and Julia Lee Gesley Memorial Scholarship

Tom and Juanita Gilbertson—Jeanne (Gilbertson) Stelloh Scholarship

Newt and Callista Gingrich—Newt and Callista Gingrich Scholarship

†Margaret Gjerde—Myhren I. and Margaret Gjerde Scholarship

Ingeborg Goessl—Ingeborg Goessl Study Abroad Scholarship

†Jesse F. Goetsch and J Bruce and Cosette Goetsch—Lorraine and Jesse F. Goetsch Endowed Scholarship

Mark and Karen Gould—Mark and Karen Gould Scholarship

†Agnes Granrud, Carolyn Granrud, and Robert E. and Nancy L. Granrud—Carl F. Granrud Memorial Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Andrew Gray '92—Andrew J. Gray Memorial Scholarship

John and Jan Gray—John P. and Janice Engle Gray Scholarship

Phyllis Gray—Alma Everlyn Gray Study Abroad Scholarship

Family and Friends of David Greedy - David Greedy Memorial Scholarship

Leon and Linda Gregg—The Gregg Family Scholarship

Larry A. and Zylpha V. Gregerson—Gregerson Scholarship

Maryln M. Grimm—The Johnson-Grimm Family Scholarship

Estate of Patty Gunderson—Solomonson-Gunderson Endowed Scholarship

†Marie C. Gunther—Irvin W. and Marie Colrud Gunther Family Scholarship


H& H Distributing Company—H & H Distributing Company Inc. Endowed Scholarship

C. Carlyle and Mary R. Haaland—Agnes H. Kittelsland Scholarship, Osul T. Haaland Scholarship

Mary (Loken) '66 and Helmut Haas—Mary Loken Haas Scholarship

†Helen M. Haatvedt—Rolfe A. and Helen (Hoff) Haatvedt History Scholarship

The Henderson Family—Rev. Wayne and Ruth Henderson Scholarship

Family and Friends of +Kermit Hendrickson '48—Kermit Hendrickson Low Brass Lesson Scholarship

Darvin and Norma Hacker, Michael Hacker, and Karen Hacker Kinnett and Douglas Kinnett—Elizabeth A. Hacker Scholarship

Alvida C. Hale—Ida Ellerman Radke Endowed Scholarship Fund

†Lowell and Patty Hall—Marion O. Hall Scholarship

The Jessie F. Hallett Charitable Trust—Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Scholarship

Estate of August A. Halverson—August A. Halverson Scholarship

Estate of Lucille Hamilton—Merton J. Hamilton and Lucille Hamilton Scholarship

Willis and Pat Hansen, Thomas and Joyce Hansen—Hansen Family Scholarship

Jean E. Hanson—Carroll M. and Alice F. Hanson Scholarship

The Family of †J. Tillman and †Mildred Hanson—Dr. J. Tillman and Mildred Hanson and Dr. Paul T. Hanson Family Scholarship

Kermit O. and Jane E. Hanson—Kermit O. and Jane E. Hanson Endowed Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Kirk Harbaugh—Kirk Harbaugh Accounting Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Rasmus and Gudrun Harr—Rasmus J. and Gudrun K. Thorson Harr Scholarship

Lee '84 and Linda (Rosholt) Hash '85—Donald and Rosalie Otters Rosholt Endowed Scholarship in Education

Paul M. and Carol A. Hasvold—Morris Hasvold Memorial Scholarship

Joan Haug—Sheryl Haug Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Dorothy I. Haugen—Dorothy I. Haugen Memorial Scholarship

David J. and Kathy R. Brandt, Gerald and Loree B. Bren, David B. and Anne M. Haugland, Raymond and Dorothy B. Haugland—Haugland Family Scholarship

Gene and Suzanne P. Haugland—Fund for Special Need Students

The Hearst Foundation—William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund

Alan T. and Joanne O. Heggen—Heggen Family Scholarship

G. Heileman Brewing Company—Heileman Endowed Scholarship

Estate of William A. Heintz—William A. Heintz Scholarship

Adrian S. and †Evelyne Helgeson—Adrian S. Helgeson Endowed Scholarship in Accounting

Mark D. and Lois A. Helland—Mark and Lois Helland Family Scholarship

The Family of †Clara and †Henry Hellie—Clara and Henry Hellie Scholarship

Edith and John Helms—The John and Dorothea Ofstedal Helms Scholarship

Richard and Joann (Harr) Hemp—Hemp Scholarship

Richard and Joann (Harr) Hemp—Richard C. and Joann M. Hemp Family Prize for Orchestral Performance

†Abner and †Lola Hendrickson—Abner A. and Lola M. Hendrickson Scholarship, Abner A. and Olivia C. Hendrickson Memorial Music Scholarship

Larry and Jane Herndon—Herndon Family Scholarship

Estate of Lester and Helen Hetager—Lester and Helen Hetager Scholarship

Michael and Rhonda Hicks—George Bachelder and Orchard Mdzonga Endowed Scholarship

Ann Highum and Jerry Freund—George and Virginia Freund Scholarship

†Albert E. Hjelle—The John Olson Hjelle and Anne Stumley Memorial Scholarship Fund

Yvonne Ho—Yvonne Ho Scholarship

†Paul and †Hazel Hoel—Paul G. and Hazel H. Hoel Scholarship in Mathematics and Science

Betty Hoff '60—Helen (Hoff) James Music Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Henry and †Arlene Hoff—The Henry and Arlene Hoff Family Scholarship

Donald N. and Mavis Hoffman—Njus-Sanderson Music Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Sigvart Hofland—Dr. Sigvart A. Hofland Memorial Scholarship

†Jim and †Betty Holey—Jim and Betty Holey Family Scholarship

†Clifford and †Valerie Holien—Clifford and Valerie Holien Scholarship

Classmates of Stephen Holmgrem—The Stephen W. Holmgren Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Faye L. Homstad and Family and Friends of †Mary Jo Homstad—Mary Jo Homstad Scholarship

Estate of Anna Hong—Engebret Nelson (Sebu) Hong Scholarship

Marguerite (Agena) '64 and Max Horn—Behrend (Ben) Agena '63 Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Harry and Selma Hougan—Junior Bickle Scholarship, Selma B. Hougan Scholarship

Robert and Arlene Houlihan—Robert and Arlene Houlihan Scholarship

†Harold E. and †Gina N. Hove—Harold E. and Gina N. Hove Scholarship

David and Carole Hoyem—Hoyem Family Scholarship

Estate of Clara Hoyt—Clara Hoyt Scholarship

Estate of Dorothy Huebner Kegarise—Huebner Kegarise Endowed Art Scholarship

†Beatrice Huseby—Jean A. Sorenson Scholarship

Helen L. and Jack F. Hustad, Hamlet and Suzanne Peterson, Luther D. and Shelley L. Peterson—Hamlet E. and Thelma Peterson Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Gerhard Hystad—Gerhard Hystad Scholarship

† deceased