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Ronald and Gene Calgaard—Gene Flom Calgaard Scholarship, Calgaard Study Abroad Scholarship

Lori Koch Cannestra and Paul Cannestra—Koch-Cannestra Family Scholarship

David W. Carlson—David W. Carlson Endowed Scholarship

Harley and Joyce Carlson—Harley C. and Joyce Carlson Scholarship for Lutheran Bible Camp Counselors

†Alan and Rebecca Carpenter—The Alan and Rebecca Carpenter Scholarship

†Elmer Cato—Elmer B. and Charlotte T. Cato Scholarship

John and Rose Marie Chell—John and Rose Marie Chell Family Scholarship

Walter J. and Aleta L. Chossek—Reckling-Chossek Scholarship

Charles and Ann (Christensen) Beatty Family—Charles and Ann Beatty Family Global Learning Scholarship  

Col. L.C. Christensen Charitable and Religious Foundation, Inc.—Col. L.C. Christensen Charitable and Religious Foundation Scholarship

Estate of Christine C. Cihlar—Christine C. Cihlar Memorial Scholarship

The Class of 1931—Class of 1931 Scholarship

The Class of 1933—Class of 1933 Scholarship

The Class of 1941—Class of 1941 Scholarship

The Class of 1942—Class of 1942 Scholarship

The Class of 1944 and Other World War II Veterans—World War II Memorial Scholarship

The Class of 1948—Class of 1948 Scholarship

The Class of 1949—Class of 1949 Scholarship Fund

The Class of 1951—Class of 1951 Scholarship

The Class of 1953—Class of 1953 Scholarship

The Class of 1954—Class of 1954 Scholarship

The Class of 1957—Class of 1957 Scholarship and Loan Fund

The Class of 1962—Class of 1962 Scholarship

The Class of 1964—Class of 1964 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Patrons from the Class of 1964—Vanaheim Scholarship

The Class of 1965—Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund

The Class of 1966—Class of 1966 Scholarship Fund

The Class of 1968—Class of 1968 Scholarship

The Class of 1973—Class of 1973 Scholarship

The Class of 1974—Class of 1974 Scholarship

The Class of 1975—Class of 1975 Scholarship

The Class of 1976—Class of 1976 Scholarship

The Class of 1977—Class of 1977 Scholarship

The Class of 1978—Class of 1978 Scholarship

The Class of 1979—Class of 1979 Scholarship

The Class of 1980—Class of 1980 Scholarship

The Class of 1981—Class of 1981 Scholarship

The Class of 1982—Class of 1982 Scholarship

The Class of 1991—Class of 1991 Scholarship

Family of Richard Cole—Richard G. Cole Scholarship in History

†Ethel Colrud, Ralph W. and Jane Colrud—Ralph and Ethel Colrud Scholarship

Estate of Hugh Conkey—Hugh Conkey Music Scholarship

Gardner and Florence Call Cowles Foundation—Gardner and Florence Call Cowles Endowed Scholarship

†Bert and †Bernice Cross—Cross Family Fund for Excellence in Nursing, Bernice Fischer Cross and Bert S. Cross Perpetual Endowment for the Luther College, Mayo Nursing Program and Health Sciences Program

John and Eva Cross, †Karlyn Nordgaard Cross, John B. and Diane M. Nordgaard—Karl H. and Anna B. Nordgaard Endowed Nursing Scholarship


Estate of Edward H. Dahly—Edward H. Dahly Scholarship

Thor and Wendy Davidson—Thor and Wendy Davidson Study Abroad Scholarship

Alumni and Friends of the Decorah College for Women—Decorah College for Women Scholarship

Elaine DeBuhr—C. H. and Elaine E. DeBuhr Family Scholarship

DECO Products—DECO Products Scholarship

Decorah Bank & Trust Company—Decorah Bank & Trust Endowed Scholarship

Family of †John Dewey— John Dewey Memorial Music Scholarship

Colleagues, Friends, and Students of †Adrian Docken—Adrian M. Docken Endowed Fund For Chemistry

Jonathan and Dawn Doering - Jonathan Doering Scholarship

Edward W. Dosh—Robert H. Davis History Scholarship

Estate of Wilbur H. Dosland—Wilbur H. Dosland Scholarship

Jeff and Joni Dotseth, Laura Dotseth and David Larsen—The Dotseth Family Legacy Scholarship

Ruth Drews and Dean Peckham—Drews Brandt Family Scholarship

†Matilda Durrant—Miller Wells Music Scholarship

†Donald and Selma Duvick—Randa J. Duvick Scholarship


Roger H. and Lois I. Amundson, †Millard Gilbertson, and †Dean and Elsie Kittleson—East Clermont Lutheran Church Founding Congregation Scholarship

†John Egenes—Sonja Carlsen Egenes Scholarship

Estate of Lillian E. Ellerman—Lillian E. Ellerman Endowed Scholarship, Martin V. Ellerman Memorial Scholarship, Martin Ellerman, Ida Ellerman Radke, Alvida Ellerman Hale, and Lillian Ellerman Endowed Scholarship, Alvida C. Hale Memorial Scholarship

†Lillian E. Ellerman and †Alvida C. Hale—Ellerman Endowed Scholarship Fund for Nursing

Dennis M. and Jolene L. Elmore—Jolene Elmore Nursing Scholarship

Erik R. and Marjorie Ellingson Family—Erik R. and Marjorie Ellingson Family Scholarship

†Dinniemaud Ellingson—Dr. Herman E. Ellingson Scholarship

Debra (Engelstad) and Mark Elstad—Debra and Mark Elstad Scholarship

†Martin Elstad—Laura M. and Martin K. Elstad Scholarship

The Estate of Helena Gilkeson Emans—The Gilkeson Emans Endowed Scholarship

†Duane L. Emerson—Emerson Family Endowed Scholarship

Lynne L. and Bradley J. Enerson; Douglas and Wendy Jordan—Marlin and Lillian Jordan Music Scholarship

Henrik and Marcia Engebretson—Henrik and Marcia Engebretson Endowed Scholarship

†Kathryn J. Engebretson—George and Minnie Leistikow Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Kathryn Engebretson—Kathryn J. Engebretson Memorial Scholarship

Family and Friends of †Oscar Engebretson—Oscar E. and Irene O. Engebretson Memorial Award

†John English—Ruth Joshua English Theatre Scholarship

†O.L. and †Segrid Enstad—Tanya Marie Enstad Memorial Scholarship

Members of Entrepreneurship Club—E-Club Entrepreneurial Leadership Prize

Daryl A. and Audrey P. Erdman—Daryl and Audrey Erdman Prize for Entrepreneurship

†Ernest M. and †Mary Belle Espelie—Espelie Family Endowed Scholarship

Ann (Furman) Esse '71—Douglas L. Esse Scholarship

The Estate of John C. Esse—John C. Esse and Katinka Bilsie Scholarship

The Estate of Malcolm and Maybelle Estrem—Malcolm J. and Maybelle Estrem Scholarship Fund, Malcolm and Maybelle Estrem Endowed Program for Entrepreneurial Studies

Bryan W. and Peggy L. Ettestad—Ettestad Family Scholarship

Kent '57 and Mitzi Evenstad—Evenstad Family Scholarship in Education

† deceased